A Very BabyMachristmas: Shopping

I had someone ask me somewhere – Facebook or Twitter or Instagram I think – if I was putting out a guide to Christmas with all my hints and tips on shopping, decorating, cooking, drinking etc and I thought “You know what I need to do? I should totally do a guide to Christmas with all my hints and tips on shopping, decorating, cooking, drinking etc. In different parts for different sections”

How clever am I?

While I am no expert on well, pretty much anything, I like stuff. I share stuff. And it seems sometimes people like the stuff I like. I especially like Christmas stuff so {hopefully} you will too.

In our family we do a Kris Kringle thingy as there are 10 adults and 8 kids so we all just have to buy for one person (well two per couple) and then one kid. The limit for the adults is $100 and kids $30. It’s worked really well so far as we can choose something special and get one good thing rather than lots of little soaps or candles. The kids certainly don’t want for anything much after Santa has come to town so it works well for us. Because of my location down here I tend to do quite a bit of shopping online. But you knew that already right?

So, where will I be shopping this year? Here’s the shortlist (as they came to me in no particular order). Yes, it’s short. I could have added a whole lot more. And further disclaimer: I only wish I was paid to flog these fabulous (mostly Australian sites).

Hunting for George
Form Function Style
Vintage & Nostaglia Company
Inky & Co
Made it
Prue Trollope
Gallop Lifestyle
Salvation Jane
Made by Others
Down that Little Lane

You will find a mixture of {mostly} inexpensive home wares, artwork, design pieces, stationery, fashion from all these wonderful sites. The best thing is that you will find something a little different, a little unique, and a little thoughtful that I am sure that your recipient will love.

For the girls we usually do one big{ish} Santa pressie each and some fillers as well as one present from Rob and I. Last year we actually forgot the one thing from us and they certainly didn’t miss it. I managed to get the girls the IKEA kitchen as there is finally a play kitchen I am happy to have in my house that is quite stylish that will be their joint pressie from Rob and I. I am also going to fill Daisy’s sack with plenty of school stuff for the new year – new pencil case etc. Rob? Well seeing as he reads this he will just have to wait. Which is pretty good seeing as I have no bloody clue what it will be. What?

And what would I like for Christmas? Simple really.

One CWA Classics Cookbook

One baguette and or black diamond band (snort)

One Chair from a shop in Bowral that I spied last week (a girl can dream)

One Rug from Anthropologie (no, the fuckers don’t ship rugs to Australia)

Two children that sleep through the night, every night
And four more kilos lost without any effort from myself

How will the gifts be wrapped? What will we eat Christmas Day? How do you decorate your house? I could say…how would I know? Usually the only wrapping paper that is left when I pick it up on the 23rd Dec. I have NO idea yet but I want it to be pretty special. With, um, decorations.

But I won’t! No! I will share with you in the coming weeks to Christmas as I work it all out. We have our very first Christmas at home with just our little family (and the Gay Godfathers and a Gma) so I want it to be a good one. Think fabulous fancy food for lunch, a table that takes your breath away and unlimited French champagne. So, let’s jump aboard the BabyMac Express and see our way through to a stylish Christmas.

Next stop? Decorations.


  1. Can’t wait to read about the decorations. Seeing as you do a lot of online shopping, I am hoping you can help. I’m looking for a cute backpack for my 3yo daughter. Something pretty (not to be taken to school lol!) any ideas? And big enough to fit hers and her younger brothers crap in when we are out and about (goodbye bulky nappy bags!)

  2. I’m coming too! Christmas sounds bloody marvellous, can’t wait to see more! xx

  3. My girls have the Ikea kitchen too, I love the way it just sort of blends in and isn’t pink or purple!
    Just while I’m here, Anthropologie have a special on shipping to Australia at the moment, $25 flat rate (won’t help you with the rug I’m sorry, but good to know anyway?!?)
    Cheers 🙂

  4. I so hoped that you would share!! And you did, yay!

  5. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say… I’m actually quite glad you weren’t paid to tell peeps which websites you shop at. It just feels more genuine.

    Amba, my girl has a Babushka Bobble Art backpack that’s lovely. They have a whole range of cute kids bags.

    http://www.kidscentral.com.au/m-68-bobble-art.aspx xx

  6. Me again sorry,just thought of something I should have added before, I don’t know if you like Pottery Barn Kids, but they have half price shipping to Australia atm.
    Cheers x

  7. Noosa Beach House you are ROCKING my world right about now. These are community service announcements and yes, they NEED to be shared. Thank you!

  8. Fabulous Inc x

  9. Lisa Whinnen says

    I’m hyperventilating here… Pottery Barn Kids ship to Australia!! And a whole list of online shopping!! Deep breaths…

    THANK YOU Beth and Noosa Beach House!!

    Also, in regards to backpacks… I love http://www.mooo.com.au/. They do personalised backpacks and are big enough to chuck whatever in them.

  10. lady, i am loving the online shopping ideas – despite living in the city of shopping, melbourne, i still do the vast majority of my shopping online – and i haven’t let myself down today. i’ve scored myself a teatowel from huntingforgeorge on your recommendation! THANKS BE TO YOU!

  11. I’m doing the online shopping thing this year. Have bought a few things for the women-folk mostly from Kikki-K. Good service and I got 20% off.

    What online shopping doesn’t help with are IDEAS, especially for the adult men-folk. Struggling. Let me know if you think of anything for that group, Beth.

  12. I wanna know where you get the flying helicopter? Thinking of my homme.

  13. this is just what i needed, thank you! x

  14. I thank you.
    My husband and credit card will not.

  15. Thanks for including us hun, I have created a wishlist on our site for things I wanted for Christmas but me thinks it will be next Christmas maybe as the bank balance is rather Grinch like this year… surprise surprise it has been a bit of an expensive year… don’t mine if I pop to Anthro for a window shop though even if it is too tempting xx

  16. I have that CWA book and yes, you need it.
    Also – did an order from Pottery Barn Kids. Got here in a week and everything was fantastic. Quicker, and cheaper, than some Aus online stores.

  17. What an awesome list of online stores, I live a bit far from any decent stores too and love being able to browse in peace online.
    I could waste HOURS on etsy, so many clever people out there.
    Looking forward to your decorations posts too, especially since we agree on no tree until the 1st of December!

  18. Danger, Danger, Danger.
    Just had a squiz at your lovely list of shops.Online shopping is my crack. I think my paypal account will be depleted by Dec 10 thanks to your post (and that’s just for the things that *I* want). Hope you’re on Santa’s ‘Nice’ list and you get your CWA cookbook xxx

  19. First time commenter, long time lurker, Love your wish list! I love Anthropologies rugs but so frustrating they dont ship here!
    I’ve actually done all my xmas shopping online, mainly from etsy, some ebay, Red Bubble, dadshop.com.au and Big W online, for photo gifts. I’ve got a 12 week old (today!) and there is no way I could do the Christmas crush! Now to wait for the presents to roll in, my fav gift arrived today, a hand tooled silver bangle for my girl. It made me all weepy, its so teeny tiny 🙂

  20. Can’t WAIT for next week’s decoration post! Love some of those links you through up. This was the best idea, ever Beth!!

  21. Your house looks lovely and I love the idea of only 1 Santa present. Here in the US Santa leaves a load of them. If I could go back in time with my 2 I would do it your way!

  22. Baby Mac

    Love ya blog! Love the roses too.

    You should also try Collection of Cool – by the looks of your online shopping list I think you would like it

  23. Great list. Thanks to your intro to Gallop Lifestyle way back when, I’ve already picked up a gorgeous Little Branch print for one of my girls.
    I love that chair!
    Quick questions – where do you find the best swimsuits for your girls? I’m struggling!

  24. Mili O – have a look at this great guide on Babyology. They always have such great stuff you should find something there: http://babyology.com.au/babyology-newsletter/babyologys-super-summer-guide-for-fun-in-the-sun

    Good luck and let me know if you find something REALLY good x

  25. Thanks for including us hun, I have created a wishlist on our site for things I wanted for Christmas but me thinks it will be next Christmas maybe as the bank balance is rather Grinch like this year.
    Online Shopping ideas

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