The 6 minute dinner

Usually if I am going to do a post about food or a recipe I get my good camera out, I try and take snaps along the way and I try and put together something that people can follow and enjoy. The other night I was home alone with the girls as Rob was away for the night, I was starving I could gnaw my arm off hungry and I happened to whack a picture of dinner on Instagram. I had numerous requests for a recipe on the blog and all I took was a quick snap before I shovelled it into my mouth – so excuse this pathetic excuse of a food post. I give the people what they want. You are most welcome.

6 minute salad
: Handful of baby spinach
: One chorizo
: Half packet haloumi
: Handful torn mint leaves
: One cob of corn
: Squeeze of half a lemon
: Black pepper and lots of it

: Throw the corn into boiling water for 5 mins or whenever cooked then cut off kernels
: In a hot pan cook chorizo on one side and the haloumi on the other. Drain on paper towel
: In a bowl chuck in spinach & mint
: Throw in corn, haloumi & chorizo
: Squeeze over lemon juice and grind lots of pepper over it’s back

Dead set. So. Good. And how easy? All that salty goodness with the spinach and mint? The lemon juice cutting through and some heat from the pepps? STOP IT.


  1. Well that’s dinner tonight sorted. It’s like a list of my favourite things! Yum! (Made your pizza dough, never buying bases again!)

  2. omg yum. I am so hungry right now, but I have none of those ingredients. will have to settle for gnawing off my arm

  3. Thanks sooooo Much, quick dinners are exactly what I need and will be doing this tonight x

  4. Yum! I’m so going through a chorizo stage at the moment. x

  5. Hope you don’t mind that I use swears – that looks fucking amazing! Minus chorizo for my mainly vego diet and you got me coming over for dinner any night of the week!

  6. Bam. I want to eat that.

  7. Hey thanks for the share Dudette! Loving this x

  8. LOL just took me 5 mins to realise that you cook both sides of the chorizo and haloumi.

    I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why you would only cook one side.

    I need a drink and it is only 11am here.

  9. Yummo! Chorizo and haloumi – a match made in heaven.

  10. Chorizo is so hot right now. I don’t eat it personally, but the big fella can’t get enough of it.
    I actually like this foodie post. It’s concise and appealing. Thanks lady xo

  11. Oh my god, so freakin’ tasty. Just had it for dinner, the hubby was impressed. Quick and easy, just the way I like it (dinner, I mean!!!).

  12. This looks amazing! And so simple, thanks for sharing 🙂

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