Friday Flower Frenzy

We have visitors coming down this weekend {Rob’s Dad & Step-Mum & Step-Grandma} so I have been out and about this morning getting last minutes things needed. Top of the list? Some fabulous spring flowers from the fruit shop to put around. I probably spent $15 on a few colourful bunches and then got the rest from out in the garden. They look {and smell} amazing. Spring has well and truly sprung down here this weekend. In fact, everywhere I look {inside and out} I can see colour and blooms and flowers.

For those that will comment, yes I have bananas. Our local fruit shop has these little ones for $5.99(!) a kilo and they fit perfectly into lunch boxes. I also saw some packs of them in Aldi for a good price when I was in there yesterday.

Is this one leaf cool or daggy? I couldn’t decide. I spotted it for $2 in the fruit market and thought it could be a cool little splash of colour on the side board. These are some seriously daggy plants though that remind me of my house in the early 1980’s so it’s borderline. But I think I love it. Maybe? See? You tell me.

These were picked entirely from the garden and it fills my heart with happiness each time I look at it because I feel proud or something, even though the flowers have nothing much to do with me. My Daphne bushes just won’t quit. And I hope it doesn’t….I love that stuff.

I also picked up some new pansies for the window planter boxes this week. For under $10 you can have little flowers that will go on and on for months. Bless their worlds.

Maybe it’s just me that does this, and I blame my Mum because she does it too, but a wee bunch {pardon the pun} of something on the toilet makes me happy. Again, all from the garden – look at those colours!

Those empty Lucky Buddha Beer bottles make great vases…

My guest loves Daphne so thought I better get a bunch next to her bedside…

I hope you get some sunshine and spring flowers in your weekend. See you on the other side!


  1. Flowers are so underrated. The house always feels, looks and smells so much better when there are fresh flowers around. Beautiful. Have a great weekend, Beth! xxx

  2. Flowers make me happy too : )
    Have a lovely time with you’re guests

  3. Beth- this is beautiful! I love all of the flowers. Stunning! Oh for a garden that is blooming like yours!

  4. Loving the fish bottles on the back of the john. Here we are heading into fall, so our flowers are ending their debut. Enjoy yours!

  5. Flowers on the toylet is very, very Bev. x

  6. Love fresh flowers. The daphne next to the bed would be just divine. My favourite.

  7. The beautiful fresh flowers will make your guests feel so welcome in your home! They look amazing too.

  8. Bootiful Betty, just bootiful x

  9. Simply gorgeous xx

  10. Oh my, you do house guests very seriously!

    But I love it all. Even the one leaf, and the flower arrangements in the toilet (how spotless is it in there, by the way???).

    My favourite? The home grown flowers in that lovely blue jug. Adorable!

    Have a lovely weekend. I’m sure there will be some food photos up come Monday!


  11. Ah yes. And I was going to comment on the bananas. I haven’t stopped buying them at $10.99. Because they’re worth their weight in gold (what did you say? Did you say that IS the price of gold?)

    Who cares? Support the farmers, I say!


  12. Loving your little bits of Spring about the place lady. I am in a hazy state of joy at all these colourful blooms sprouting right now. I cannot get enough of flowers. Pansies are one of my many faves. I would so have those little planter boxes on my windows… if I HAD windows… terrace living :o/
    Hope you and your guests have a tip top weekend xo

  13. LOVE your blooms. And I’m loving all the spring in the air. I’m a flowers in the toilet person too and do it also because my mum does it. πŸ™‚ It’s all about a pretty loo.
    Have a fantastic weekend xx

  14. Love it ALL! Especially the deep green beer botlle vases with the purple flowers, beautiful combination.

    You have such an eye for it all.

    My MIL has an equally impressive garden, which ends up adorning her impressive home, & would you believe she pit me in charge of their garden for 4 weeks while they were overseas?!?! I kill EVERYTHING!

    I ended up like gollum. Seriously. Her garden was my ‘precious’. I refused to let it die on me, but when she came home, I was so relieved not to have that kind of weight on my shoulders.

    Enjoy your weekend! xx

  15. They’re all so lovely, I think the pink and purple bunch on top of the loo are my faves though. Enjoy all that prettiness x

  16. Oh Beverley.

    Toilet flowers? Ha ha

    Love it, I hope little hands don’t knock them off like they would here.

  17. Love the single leaf in that context. Looks fab.

  18. You know what? I just love your blog.

  19. oh i LOVE having fresh flowers in the house – enjoy !

  20. Fresh flowers are a must!! Think you are the best host…E.V.E.R….the toilet florals are my fav, just love the bottles…right then….you’ve got me in he mood for fresh flowers, I’m off to the shops!

  21. Must. Get. Flowers.
    (and. clean. house.)

  22. You know I have never thought about putting flowers in the toilet! Your house looks beautiful. x

  23. I think the leaf is very ‘architectural’. I like it!

  24. Um, can we move in?

  25. Utterly gorgeous x

  26. Hi Beth (or Bev); just found you, even if you’ve been here for five years, That’s very impressing. Read your about page, and for a while it sounded like my own story… just that I did marry the wrong person. Now when that’s been taken care of, and I’ve married the right, life is better than wonderful.
    Beautiful flowers, beautiful photos. Lucky guests!
    All the best from far, far away; Norway.

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