Dear Sally,

This is me, being my own worst enemy.

I should be a bigger person, I should just let things be, I should post about more important things. I really should be packing for Sydney. But I don’t. Instead, I video myself, like a nutter, talking to an anonymous person. Because at the end of the day, I’m a person, like you, doing the best I can and feeling OK about it (most of the time). I’m writing about my life, and all the mundane stuff in it and that’s what you get when you read BabyMac. Shiny floors. Lamps. Bins. I’ll admit, the bin was a low point, but it’s my life nonetheless. If you don’t like it, then DON’T READ IT.

Clearly, as you will see, I’m not the ‘bigger person’ I’m just Beth. A little crazy. A little boring. And NOT saving the world (but changing a mean nappy) one mundane day at at time!

WOW! That is one crazy freeze frame. As I said, crazy.


  1. Go you! Love it!!!

    Love the lamps, love the bins, love it all!

  2. I’m ROFLing at the freeze frame on this video. HILARIOUS. I’d be lost without the talk of lamps and bins. And get this, I was actually looking at your bin with envy. Wonder what Sally would make of that. Come to think of it, don’t think she’d be too impressed with my blog either x

  3. U are FUCKING hilarious!
    And let’s face it….no actually…anonymous does not have a lovely face.
    She has a wrinkled up MoFo of a face from all the pent-up angriness, narkiness & judgmentalness.
    You go Beth- YOU GO!!
    Shiny bins, floors and all!

  4. Hope you have a fun night in Sydney!
    Happy weekend indeed! X

  5. Sally can piss off. Loved the video. freeze frame amazingly funny and crazy.
    don’t go changing Beth, Sally is a sad sap.

  6. Suck on THAT Sally {oh, sorry, the only thing Sally probably sucks on is a bitter lemon – hence the face…} Oh bless you Beth. Honestly, there is NOTHING wrong with loving a lamp. Sure, they’re there to cast light – but why can’t they cast a bit of joy? And god, bins, they serve a pretty shitty purpose – why shouldn’t they look good? And shiny floors! Don’t get me freakin’ started on the shiny floors. On the odd moment when I actually vacuum and then mop – I’m basking in their reflected glory for WEEKS {even when they’re all crumby and yucky again}.

    Love you.

  7. Fuck yeah! (pardon my language)

    FYI I need and value your opinions on bins, lamps, perfume, and knobs!!! I don’t have anyone to go to with your sorta taste, lady!!!


    Ps doesn’t ‘sally’ realize if you have an awesome bin, awesome bowls and awesome frypans and even an awesome tea pot, the desire to provide and create wholesome loving meals is increased tenfold. Seriously Sally, get a flippin’ life!

  8. Beth, I’m a fellow clean floor lover and professional bum wiper as well. Keep posting what you’re posting. Love your blog and your words. And LOVE the vlog!

  9. Love the bin, love the lamp and shiny floors. Love the simple things, Love your work Beth. xx

  10. Ahahahahahaha!!

    Take that, Sally. Well said Beth. Love the bins, love the floors, love it!

  11. Love the lamps, love the bin, love the shiny floors and LOVE the clean windows (I’m geting stuck into mine this weekend).
    You shouldn’t need to justify yourself. As I said yesterday, if people don’t like something they read – don’t keep reading!
    You are hilarious. Have fun in Sydney. xx

  12. Hey Beth, you don’t have to save the world. You are a Mum, at home and this is your life and there are millions like you so very important stuff as mundane as it may seem to some. It’s important to you. Why do people bother to make those comments, tell them to fuck off. I’ll say it – fuck off Sally

  13. Ha! Loved it Beth, as a blogger of “fluff”, I agree that sometimes the littlest things (such as a new bin) can give great pleasure! xx

  14. There’s quite a few people I’d like to do that too…bet it felt good?
    By the way, I love your mindless shit make me feel at home and it makes me laugh! x

  15. You’re fabulous! Love the comeback and hope Sally disappears for a while 🙂

  16. My 2 cents: change ‘should’ to ‘could’, sounds better doesn’t it? (I’ve drafted a post on the power of the word ‘should’, my blog is THRILLING I tell ya!).

    I got a kick out of the bin piccie. Please keep posting pics of your abode, I love them! Not mundane rather the simple things. 🙂

  17. Huzzah BevBeth, good girl.

    I think perhaps Anon should be reading other blogs, I certainly don’t read blogs that I don’t enjoy.

    Its like the pensioners watching the TV shows they dont like. TURN IT OFF AND STOP WHINGING.

    Sydney is a bit cloudy for you today BevBeth, enjoy your weekend. xxx

  18. I officially love you even more with every ‘mindless piece of shit’ post and angry vlog that you share. This is GOLD.

    Sally, you’ve been warned. Go. Away.

    Have a great weekend, Beth. xxx

  19. Oh, dear. Seems that Sally needs to move on and get a life of her own. What on earth do people achieve from doing this stuff?

    I’m going to email you one way to catch Sally out. You may know it already, but it’s a comin’ anyway…. 😉

    Go girl. Enjoy Sydney, ok?


  20. My God I love you! People like this piss me off too! It’s like you say, if you don’t like it, don’t read it! I have people come into my shop and tell me they don’t like my stuff. Piss off then! I didn’t ask you to come in! PISS OFF!
    And I’m sure anon is the most exciting person, saving the world in their spare time. Grow some guts and put your name to your comment!
    Keep on posting your stuff, I’d much rather read about real life things than someone getting on their high horse, all high and mighty. Gggr!
    Rach x

    Ps. more video blogs please! I like!

  21. GO BETH!!! Good. For. You.
    Love your response!

  22. Love the video…too funny.. Keep up the interesting posts. If they don’t like it, don’t read the blog. Simple. Hv a great weekend

  23. Well said Beth!
    Anon..go away with your narky comments and have a bit of a think; because then you just might realize that to get to the bigger process of saving the world,it’s these small things that get you there.
    And they matter.
    More than you will ever realize.
    Beth; you are one BRILLIANT blogger. LOVE.YOUR.WORK!

  24. Nice one, Beth! Haters will always be haters. As a mum who also spends a lot of the day wiping little people’s bottoms, I love reading about your bins/floors/windows/whatever. And I wonder how leaving smart arse comments on other people’s blogs contributes to saving the world, Annonymous!

  25. Good on you for taking her (or it could be a he (or perhaps an it!!!) on!!! Way overuse of exclaimation marks as usual from me but I am super impressed, you are so GUTSY!!!!!!

  26. Beth keep doing what you are doing!! Really enjoy reading what you’ve got say. Always puts a bit of sunshine in the day!

  27. HAHAHA! That made my day. Take that Sally! I really enjoy you’re posts on anything to do with you’re house. The clean floor post a little while ago inspired me to mop mine, so there you are helping others : )

    Have a great weekend xx

  28. Beth, this is bloody fantastic!

    Magazine beautiful face, with a radio beautiful voice!

    Don’t let wankers like ‘anon’ get to you. Clearly a cowardly act posting a nasty comment and not even putting an identity to it,

    It’s a nasty side to blogging, and I don’t like it.

    Sure, maybe people would give you their opinions if you’d written a post about something more controversial … but you wrote about a bin?!?! How that’s managed to offend someone is beyond me.

    Keep doing what you do, because i honestly do love everything about your blog.

    It makes all of the 24/7 arse wipers of the world feel slightly less mundane 🙂


  29. I was going to leave an anonymous comment but I didn’t want anyone calling me Sally…
    Haha, not really!
    I just wanted to say:
    You rock. And I love your turquoise teapot. And your clean windows. And I am so envious of your beautifully polished, shiny, mopped floors.
    And can you come and do mine next? Thank you, come again.
    Daisy xx

  30. I’m new to this keeping house and home gig – I have no style and after 8 months home alone (and 5 of dealing with shitty nappies) I read your blog because I NEED inspiration in the most basic of things. Bins, posters, artwork, cleaning, lamps – you fill a void in my world!

    Love your blog, love your style, love it all!

  31. God I love your blog!!!! I love your vlogs, your beautiful house, your clean floors and your shiny new bin! People like Sally obviously don’t have enough love and sunshine in their world and the green eyed monster rears its head! Have a great weekend xx

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Good onya beth!!! And Sally if you want to read deep meaningful stuff. You wont get it from a stay-at-home mums blog whos life is full of kids and cleaning and if nice pretty,shiny stuff makes us happy, well thats that..We Babymac lovers love reading this blog and look forward to seeing her beautiful house and pretty stuff. Cheers Beth,have a good weekend.

  34. Oh Annonymous what a knob! I am quite partial to clean floors and new bins, your blog always has such beautiful photos, is there something wrong with that. Shuld you be posting dirty nappy pictures or something? P.S. My buffer stopped at 3.10 thats a quality face right there : ) Have fun in sydney!

  35. Bwahahahaaaa, love it! Oh and love the bin also – and who doesn’t feel special when they buy their first grown up bin, i did! And yaha, they are damn expensive -what is with that???
    anyhoo, love your work

  36. Dear BabyMac. I LOVE YOU xx

    I seriously love your mundane life about mindless meaningless shit. Give me more!!

    Have fun in Sydney.

  37. Gold! I have not visited for ages, so had to scroll back a post or two to establish what “Sally” was whining about.

    LOVE the vlog, and love the essence of the message – if you don’t like a persons blog, it is so easy to GRACIOUSLY click away or click unfollow…rather than leaving Sally-esq kind of comments.

    And from now on, whenever I get a “nasty Noni” comment I shall view it as a “spineless spiteful Sal”

  38. Stick that up ya jumper Sally!!! Tosser.

    I quite like reading about meaningless shit. I don’t have the brain power to read heavy-handed serious stuff every day.

    That’s why I blog about meaningless shit too. I don’t have the time or the inclination to save the world right now – I truly believe someone else can do it cause I just CBF’d.

    Oh, and best freaking freeze-frame EVER!!!

  39. I knew that I loved you already … but man do I love you know. You are one great chick Beth and I think I have a crush on you, bins, lamps and all.

  40. Sally, stop behaving like a bitch. Not cool man.

    BabyMac, you do an excellent ‘bonkers’. Keep up the good work.

    PS: If posting about a bin is ‘uncool’ how bad must if be posting about a female ‘mo wax?

  41. Oh Beth, I know sometimes you just need to get things off your chest. But remember “Sally” is just one person, you have so many people, like us, who love your blog. Let’s face it, it’s the meaningless stuff that makes the world go round. You make us feel normal. So keep writing what you write because we want to keep reading it! Have a lovely weekend. xx

  42. Good on you! I have this little saying I like to express when people shit me….f**k ’em, F**k ’em all.

  43. Dear Beth, good for you. I agree with everyone,
    f**k off Sally….. Leave Beth alone. By the way, I loved the chair you were sitting on, where did you get it, I want it.

  44. Just came across your blog and saw the video on the 1000 posts and saw how clean and lovely your house looked and was inspired! I have a 6 month old and thought – thank the lord, there is hope and order might descend on this here house again. I also loved that your hair was messy and that you talked about a pimple – I think your blog is helpful, insightful and brings a bit of a smile to people. That is pretty valuable. What is not valuable is leaving mean, full of judgement comments. Sucks to be Sally I guess. 🙂 Thanks for brightening my day. xxx

  45. Wait! Did I miss something? Did I miss where the blogging world changed from like-minded people reading each other’s shit to one enormous high school? Really, I just wish people were bigger than this bullshit bitchiness. Grow up lady, whoever you are, and be a bigger person – heck, change the world with your new found attitude why don’t you?

  46. I have never read such a blog of someone who is so into there own life …
    You try to play down your life like oh i live in this country town that is quaint etc etc etc but it cost as much as mosman and so on you say we only drive hyundai’s yet my guess they are the top of the range and so on
    You have a cleaning lady
    come on how hard is your life really move on please
    i wont be back that is for sure ..
    get a life a real one were you actually have to put some hard work into it hey ..
    ohh i am home alone all the time ohhh i have to wipe bum’s ohh you had the kids deal with it
    stop playing like you have or have had it hard ..

  47. Oh anonymous can stick it up her clacker…so brave to tell you who you are and what you are about behind a closed door…. Grow some balls..

    Why would someone visit a blog they don’t like reading….must have a pretty nice life herself to have such time to waste?!

    Man I must be a complete arse then as I was even twittering with you about your lovely bin…my life is clearly empty and sad…off to top myself..see ya peeps..

  48. yes sad it is you are very very sad
    and to think you have an interesting life lol

  49. Beth, PLEASE don’t let this anonymous dickhead change the way you blog. One idiot does not represent the majority view! You are awesome, and your posts are awesome.
    “anon” said they would not be back “that is for sure”, and yet, there is a second comment. Shows what a loser they are!!

  50. I love hearing about your lamps, clean floor & everything else. Any mum trying to keep it together would totally relate to what you write about (at least I do). In fact, I have HEAPs of blogs in my RSS feed and there are only 2 I look at every day without fail, yours being one of them. Because your posts make me laugh, out loud. If someone doesn’t relate, then they should not read. And certainly shouldn’t comment. Enjoy your weekend in Sydney!

  51. This whole drama is a godsend on a boring Friday night! Who would have thought bins & lamps could be so controversial?

  52. Just reAlly goes to show how bored you are all of you
    I have a view that is why you can choose not to be known
    You guys really need to move on a little bit And look at what is in front of you not what is on www.
    False snse of reality
    Load of fake bullshit
    Of babymac get a farken life

  53. I see your blog as more of a celebration of the little things in your everyday life than anything else. Sometimes it may be something like a flower from your garden, sometimes a bin and sometimes a lamp (which is super cool by the way, am quite jealous of that lamp).

    I can handle negative comments on posts but I hate negative comments made anonymously.

    We can’t all save the world everyday. I think what you do manage with your blog though, is to cheer up your readers for a little while and give them a giggle. Sometimes that is as good as it gets.

    Take care and enjoy your weekend.

  54. Wow Sally chill….. I had to come back and see what had unfolded Bam!!!
    Maybe she might like to go on a hot date with Ben the bin.
    You know you rock keep up the top work xo

  55. Sounds like ‘Sally’ is just a wee bit jealous?! Perhaps?
    I bet she uses a plastic bag on a (plastic) doorknob as her bin.
    I love your blog BabyMac, don’t change it at all.
    x Rhi

  56. OMG I’ve just got home from work, exhausted, depressed that my husband has left me for 10 days and dreading the coming grind of doing it all! Your blog has cheered me up no end. WELL DONE!
    Sally is obviously one bored, unhappy, bitter person. I’ve had the best laugh ever. Thankyou! XO

  57. Looks like Sally is back again! Hey, Sal. The fact that you’re spending your Friday night posting spineless Anonymous comments tells me that your life probably isn’t much more interesting than bins, lamps and shiny floors.

  58. Oh Beth, you make me laugh! Keep on doing what you do, I LOVE it!

  59. Anonymous is back what hay would you have a view that you chose not to be known? because you don’t actually believe what you are saying?

    I would have to be amazingly bored to CHOOSE to spend my time reading blogs and actually taking the time to comment on them when I disliked the subjects being spoken about.

    Weird, very weird…

  60. I love your blog and look forward to it every day because I love all the pretty things you find for your house and also all those amazing dishes you cook. Don’t stop writing!! Love Georgia

  61. fuck ’em.

    that sums it up nicely I think.

  62. Classic Bev…keep up your blog the way you want xx

  63. Amazeballz x

  64. Way to go Beth! Fuck the haters!

    Anonymous, you’re the only sad and jealous one around here. Oh and your grammar sucks too.

  65. Too funny. Sally definitely has a bee in her bonnet about something that’s for sure. You’ve got a great life and share it but you temper it with just enough shitty bits to not make me want to stab you with a fork. Love the blog and think you’re fab.

  66. Goodness me Sally Cyber-bully methinks you are the one that needs to get a life.

    Keep up the good work Beth, you have a top blog! xx

  67. Beth, I am shaking in my boots. I have read your blog for a year, commented many times (but not recently because I’ve been sick and out of the bloggy-loop), love you and your bins and your shiny floors and Daisy and Harper to pieces…..and my name is Sally. Fark!!! (Have just read all the Sally-haters above and hope to god they don’t visit my blog – it’s navel-gazing central!!!!!) Couldn’t we call the awful Anon something like Hermione?? Or Hortense?? I’m feeling rather despised…..

  68. Ok, I think we have all missed the most important point here. Where did you buy Ben the Bin Beth? Come on, he is the best bin ever and we need to know where we can get one.

    Clearly anon doesn’t read my blog as in the past week I have written about my oven breaking down, how happy it makes me to hang the clothes on my washing line in the sun and receiving the Ikea catalogue in the mail. Oh its all good

    Love ya work Beth – keep it up

  69. I find it pretty interesting how some ppl spend so much time reading and commenting on a blog they don’t like. Their life mist be pretty boring. But that’s just a guess.

  70. yo, anonymous. you are a moron. the end.

  71. wicked case of the green-eyed monster there, Sally Anon.

    what i find the most interesting is that to know so much about Beth you’ve had to read a LOT of Beth’s posts. Hmmm.

  72. Beth, you and all the other fabulous stay at home mums are doing your bit to save the world by dedicating this period of your life to bringing up happy, kind, well balanced, educated children. What could be more important? These kids will soon be adults whose actions and achievements will impact our lives and hopefully contribute to a better world. Art and style also bring joy and happiness, whether it is a masterpiece in a gallery or a pretty lamp on your side table. Keep sharing and making people happy.
    Jen from over the back fence

  73. Hi Beth,

    Just wanted to tell you I ADORE your blog! I check it daily, and dont mind what you post, I just love reading when you do! xx

  74. I’m a tad late to the comment game. However please don’t take this the wrong way. Beth – I enjoy reading your blog.

    However Anon. I feel this link is for you.
    (warning – course language is in this comic…)

  75. Sally? I think it should be Sully.

    I suppose there is much I could say about Sully, but truth be told she sounds really quite boring. And gutless. I hate gutless.

    I LOVED this vlog. I love your blog. I think you are interesting and hilarious.

    P.S. Packing for Sydney is overrated. The video was a sensible decision for us. Thank you.

    Lizzy xx

  76. How bizarre? isnt blogging supposed to be fun? thats why I started it. Dont be pissed off Beth – not worth it. Funny how they say get a life, yet they have time to write scathing comments. Very odd. And a wee bit sad.
    Rock out, Beth – love your work.
    T x

  77. I love your blog! Don’t change a thing about it. From a fellow bum wiperer.

  78. I see Anon Sally has been back.

    Sorry that you got some negative comments Beth. Just wondering though, if maybe Anon Sally is having a hard time too and while attacking you is not the answer, nor fair on you, maybe it was a totally shit day and being reminded of the joy and beauty in other peoples lives was too much.

    I am a bum wiping, floor cleaning mumma too, I know where you come from, I enjoy the furniture and the bins. And I agree blogs are easy to click out of and not read. But we all know blogs are addictive too, we start to get to know people and keep coming back to read more. Maybe Anon Sally just had a crappola day and other peoples happiness was the place to vent and to say how unfair the world is.
    Not fair to you.
    Not kind.

    I can’t imagine why else that would write the comment and then be back to read more…only to see lots of nasty comments about themselves.

    …I don’t mean to defend a troll…just trying to think about why the comment came about. Maybe Anon Sally is just a nasty turd.

  79. That is hilarious, keep up the blogging I love it!! Piss off Sally.

  80. I think your blogs are great Beth and so are you. I like your blogs about floors, bins, lamps and tough days with the kids. I can relate, but clearly Anon doesn’t. Why do they have so much time to read a blog they don’t like …and have time to post nasty stuff? Anyway enough about Anon they are a waste of space. What a Nasty pasty!

  81. It would be kinda sad if anon was someone you knew personally and that they had to attack you in your space. So I hope that is not the case.

    What I find interesting is that she/he is back here commenting on your blog’s other commenters. They say that negative attention is just as good as positive attention when you are getting none.

    So I actually feel kinda sorry for this person because if that is true they are a lonely sad person who may or may not blog and is not as loved as you are.

    So don’t play their game because obviously that is what they want.

  82. Found you via Kakka, and just want to add myself to all the other comments. Your blog. You decide what to post and no-one needs more nastiness in their life. I hope your weekend is great and anonymous free.


    I’ve pushed FOUR kids out my vagina and been blogging for two of them and didn’t even get EIGHTY FUCKING THREE comments on their birth announcements.


  84. Mustang Sally, bet you got to slow your hating down….. X

  85. Dude, anon Sally only comments on blogs who have made it. You, beautiful lady, have made it.
    I love your life and while I may be jealous of it I’m glad that someone as lovely as you is living it.

  86. Beth, you hear about these trolls but goodness, this is sad. I love what Jen (from the back fence) said above. Don’t underestimate the power of the normal, everyday stuff. Be you. xx

  87. I am so tempted to leave an anonymous comment retracting all the previous anonymous comments and worshiping the (super clean) ground you walk upon. But I’m sure you’d see through it.
    Fuck ’em. Sally’s just jealous of your awesomeness.

  88. Just thought you should know that I watched this while Pebble and I slowly woke up and recovered from a busy weekend. The first thing my child saw this morning was this video. She said “no, no, no” and then something like “blah, blah, blah”. Maybe Pebble is your ‘anonymous’ commenter. I didn’t even know she could type yet!

    You tell em Beth.

  89. I love that you did this! it’s exactly how I feel when my anon comes out of the woodwork!

    hopefully that did the trick:)


  90. I must admit that I have been tempted to leav annon comments on another blog before because I know I would be flamed and sworn at for my opinion. It is hard sometimes to not read something even if elements of it drive you crazy. I have been led to this blog by another blogger so this is my first time here. Why hello Beth!

    I am a stay at home mum of 5 children (6 and under) and I wish my house was newer, painted, new carpets and just walk into shops and buy whatever but I can’t.

    If I see excessive bragging it GRATES on me. I’m sorry but there you go a little bit of my insecurity flares up from time to time.

    I hope I don’t sound silly. I think a lot of people that hide and make comments are just mean. Others just get worn down and offload before they explode.

    I am too honest so won’t hide (what you see is what you get) but MY reason IF I did do it would be the fear of being misunderstood, flamed and sworn at.

    Apologies if there are typos

  91. Some people are such d&*@heads.
    I love your blog. I know I don’t always comment – but I do. I read it nearly every other day.
    I hate anyway that is negative towards someone elses life – whether in ‘real’ life or ‘www’ life. Anonymous is a very sad individual.

    Love your blog. Keep up the great work – bins and all (-:

  92. Wow, sorry to have missed the Sally shitstorm til now!

    I just dont understand negative blog comments – if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all. And when you click onto someone blog it is like being invited into their home and you should treat the hostess with some respect or get the hell out and dont come back!

    Seriously love your work here and who says you aint saving the world?? If blogging saves your sanity then its rescuing you and your little piece of the universe from going insane 🙂

  93. Oh wow! I’m relatively new to your blog.. And I love it! To the sally’s of the world.. For every hateful comment you have, we have bucket loads of positive ones! Now.. I was actually quite taken by your bin…

  94. Wow what a vlog- I loved it.

    I’m a fellow bum wiper and do occasionally blog about new purchases. I’d love to be out saving the world but right now I’m raising my two sons and I am their world. This Sally definitely sounds like she has some jealousy issues. If you don’t like someones blog then why the hell are you reading it. Step away from your computer.

    Keep up the lovely blogging Beth it’s a great place to drop by.

  95. I dunno…just don’t read it if you don’t like it. Simple. You crack me up Beth! Good on you for having a say.

  96. Absolutely Beth. That’s a massive compliment BTW! Anon Sally is so sad if she doesn’t get the simple, total, complete and utter joy that a clean floor can bring. x

    PS – you give good vlog, B.

  97. You rock. Keep being you, gorgeous girl. xoxo

  98. Sally is on my shit list.

  99. I believe it’s called living in the now, appreciating what you’ve got, gratitude for the present moment. Keep doing what you’re doing and ignore the meanies…

  100. This can only say one thing.

    You’ve been trolled = you’ve made it.

    Hugs. xx

  101. I just HAVE to comment to push the number of comments to ONE HUNDRED AND ONE!!

    Take THAT Sally!!

    Love your blog, Beth. You are inspiring. My kids are WAY past the bum-wiping stage (teenagers.. uggh) and I work outside of the home (as well 🙂 ) and I STILL get joy in clean floors and lovely bins.

    Which doesn’t mean I’m not saving the world as well.

  102. Beth you crack me up! I LOVE your fucking bin, & I love you!

  103. Hey there, I’m NEW here…I love being new, it makes me feel young!

    I came from my darling friend EDENLAND’s blog…gotta say sister, I dig your bin and the knobs.

    not everyone is going to dig us, no I can’t understand why people waste their energy posting hate comments…but alas we’re not all as fantastically well balanced as we’d like.

    So blog on my friend, if you’re mundane then my life’s at a bloody snail’s pace!

  104. I’m glad you’re sticking it to the haters. I love your blog, please don’t change a thing!!

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