: I’m glad that the gas truck came yesterday morning and filled our tank. We have central heating back which makes for a happier Mama in the mornings. Except for this morning as I was awake with the littlest lady from 10.30pm until 2.45am. Tired? Why yes, yes I am.

: We’re hanging on the driveway and throwing rocks to work off some of the ‘roid rage said littlest lady is suffering from today.

: Wearing our gumboots because the grass it wet.

: I have stared out this kitchen window for minutes at a time trying to remember what I was doing. Making a cup of tea! That’s right. Lucky I am distracted by this little pot of happiness.

: I noticed all the new growth that is around and the flowers just about to come into bloom.

: Breathing in the sweet perfume from this Daphne on my hall table each time I walk past. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of that smell…

: I’m taking pictures.

: And I’m headed inside to beg and plead the girl to go to sleep. She needs it. Really. So do I.


  1. beautiful scenery. hope the sleep goes well.

  2. Hope you get some rest lady!

    When the Goose was diagnosed with sleep apnoea they tried steroids. My lord, the bedtimes we had! I started giving it to her in the mornings, but then she just became the feral child from hell. I went back to the doc and said ‘uh uh’ no way Jose.

    I hope Harper settles down for you.

  3. LOVE that last shot of the gumboots.

  4. Your garden is wonderful! My jasmine is showing signs of sprining to like, and I am just about to crap my dacks with happiness…..

  5. Your garden is beautiful & you take great shots to do it justice!

    I hope your littlest lady finally sleeps.


  6. I LOVE the smell of Daphne. Days following a sleepless night like that are not pleasant! Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight.

  7. Lovely shots lady… I NEED your camera, mine went kaputski and now I’m in the market for another.
    You poor love, sleep deprivation like that is the cruellest form of punishment. Hope you both get some Zzz’s real soon xo

  8. Sleep deprived too! says

    I hear your pain re the lack of sleep. Must be something in the air, my little one was also awake from 10:30pm until 3am. If you discover some magic trick to getting them to sleep let me know.

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