Summer preview

Yesterday we had a little Tuesday treat with a trip down to the coast where my Mum and step dad had rented a little house by the river for a week. The weather was perfect, the girls were up for an adventure so we took the chance and took of early morning. The house is a perfect old school coastal rental that looks like this:

But that looks out at this:

Needless to say, we were all in heaven as we kicked off shoes, stripped off layers and enjoyed the wintery sunshine that felt like a taste of spring, if not summer.

We even had fish and chips and prawns for lunch and a wee glass of wine to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

It was the perfect day. A change of scenery and weather had us all instantly relaxed and hearts warmed. As soon as we climbed back up the mountain, the temperature dropped 10 degrees, jumpers were put again once more and fires were set. We’re not quite there yet, by a long stretch, but boy am I looking forward to summer…


  1. Glorious all of it!

    Roll on summer, roll on….

    xx F

  2. Oh, so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your awesome weekend. And those gorgeous photos! xx

  3. Looks like a perfect day!

  4. Looks beautiful, I love the South Coast. I grew up in Bowral so i know that trip back up the mountain and back into the cold oh so well.

  5. How glorious! Roll on sunshine I say!

  6. Just lovely!

  7. Looks like the perfect spot 🙂 And how good do those prawns look! xx

  8. Lovely photo story. Amazing how images can transport youth another place.

  9. My idea of heaven. Looks like you had a truly wonderful day xoxo

  10. Sounds like a beautiful little adventure! Bring on summer xxx

  11. Although I’m one of those rare people who prefer Winter to Summer, your day did look beautiful.x

  12. Oh that little Harper is a cutie pie… look at her running around topless, she’s a character :o)
    Such gorgeous photos lady and looks like Summer to me! Bring. it . ON! xo

  13. Please send address immediately… x

  14. Oh it all looks so tranquil and relaxing. Those prawns!
    Sometimes a play in the sand in cool weather is great, without fear of your child scorching themselves. Perfecto day!

  15. I love fat little nappy bums xo

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