Postcards from Cabin o’ Fever

Dear Interwebs,

We arrived here at the cabin on Tuesday mid morning after a quick trip. We were all so excited because it started to snow, but that didn’t last long and the snow turned to sleet, which turned to drizzly rain and that drizzle has since turned into constant, pouring down rain. It’s always nice at first – rainy days – you can sit down and relax and not feel guilty, but then after the second or third day of constant rain that means that a simple outing to the shops or Preschool is a mammoth effort, well it’s all pretty boring.

But we’ve been keeping busy. There’s washing for me. There’s always washing for me. I’m so lucky like that. And this week the environment has gone out the window as the dryer gets a work out.

There’s been a movie on the entire time. I think we have watched Beauty and the Beast 2769 times and Toy Story 2 166,478 times. It’s funny because you think I’m exaggerating. I’ve been on my laptop a lot.

There’s been puzzles.

There’s been playing with the doll house.

Woody jumped from the roof of the doll house in a moment of desperation. Who blames him?

And there’s been the fire keeping us warm, keeping me happy.

I’m really hoping we leave the cabin soon, I don’t like the look of things for today though but hopefully on the weekend the torrential rain stops and we just get showers so we can get out and about if we need to. In any case Rob will arrive after work tonight so there will be one other person to keep two little bored people and one crazy Mama entertained.

Until next time, take care x


  1. The amount of rain we’ve had has been insane. And its supposed to be here until at least Tuesday. I’m over wet shoes, inside washing, cabin fever and that wet dog smell. I WILL leave the house today. Or follow woody. Happy Friday!

  2. I am a little over it actually very over it. W have a leaky roof πŸ™

  3. Oh I think cabin fever is slightly better than ‘tiny apartment fever’. Gah. I wish Lacey would sit and watch a movie like that. Gah.

    Oh yes. I need to get out. This weather is driving me bananas. xx

  4. we are the same here- ive shipped the big one off to his grandmothers today so i can enjoy yet more lazing about on the computer (okay- ive gotta clean this dump too).

    best of luck stylish home maker.

  5. I. hate. this. weather. I’m going fucking bananas myself. Thank sweet baby Jesus for ABC Kids.

  6. Oh I hear you! The TV has been on all day. Puzzles, drawing, colouring, wrestling.

    We went out yesterday for a blogger event and my kids ran around like lunatics. I saw they even got a telling off from Mrs Marsh (remember the Colgate/chalk lady?). It then took us an hour to get home from the city as the traffic was so bad. I vowed to stay in the rest of the day.

    Hub home tonight, thank god, at least someone else to talk to!

  7. Oh yes thank god for abc kids. I sit and watch the washing pile growing before my eyes thanks to a frickin’ four year old who wet three pairs of pants yesterday. No dryer here alas. I’m shipping her off to Nonna’s for a sleepover tonight. Just have to make it to 4.

  8. oh yes, the wonderful world of winter with small kids!!! not much fun all round.

  9. I don’t know…I’m not sure I’d want to leave your cabin. It just looks too cosy and nice in there.

    In desperation to get out of the house, I took the 4yo to an indoor play centre yesterday. Actually, I quite like it there. Cafe, free WiFi! Oh, yeah. πŸ˜‰

  10. i’d been happy to hang in your cabin for a while, just quietly.

    but i get where you are coming from and i am seriously over it as well. i am also over all the people that decide to drive to work in this weather rather than do what they must usually do. it took me 2 hours to drive to work instead of my normal 50 minutes, on BOTH the days I work this week! hows that for putting oneself in a great mood for teaching kids all day. add to that no outside play for them and voila! insanity.

    hope that gem of a husby of yours can lighten the load and increase the laughs. Have a great weekend!

    P.S when is Beverly writing a post on her meal plans for a whole week? Would love to see what her ‘big picture’ food week looks like! xx

  11. It’s good that Dad’s coming home to share parenting tonight. I hope the rain stops and you all have a good weekend!

  12. That doll house is cute, I wish I was a child right now :).

    I really like your blog, you have interesting posts here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.


  13. Hearing you lady. Hearing. YOU. Though, I can’t complain for the last 2 days, as I had work. But that’s it’s own pack o’ poo tickets… bundling two tots into the car… in the rain, because we don’t have off street parking and absolutely NO under cover options or even a SPOT out the front of our place. Then parking the car in Nth Syd’s and trundling the two tots up to daycare… in the rain… and doing it all again in the evening. Fuck this rain. Fuck it!
    Love your pics though, they’re gorgeous and although you’ve got cabin fever, what a mighty fine cabin to have it in ;o) LOVED Woody’s huri kuri effort! xo

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