Country road, take me home

We’re heading home this morning. I am in denial about the trip but hopeful that it will be better than when we came up. It has to be. And it will be. Although we have a few more km’s added seeing as we are going all the way home. And BY GOD there better power on when we get home from the road trip. Did you know we are heading home to a disaster area due to all that wind? Just saying Mother Nature & Integral Energy, sort that SHIT OUT.

We have had the best time. Creating all those memories that I know are sticking with the girls. Good honest fun. I love this place. Of course it has special memories for me because it’s where Rob and I were married, but it’s just so beautiful. And we are so lucky that it’s a place that we can come to in school holidays, to spend quality time with quality people.

Yes. I love this place.

See you on the other side. If you hear of a women throwing herself out of a moving vehicle somewhere around Raymond Terrace, well, it’s been real. MY DIE!

Seriously, what do 4 year old’s have to be SO pissed off about?! I’ll give her something…


  1. fingers crossed that the trip home is a whole lot smoother for you…i have a 7 hour solo car trip with my 4 kids next sunday and i’m already beginning to consider what medication i might need at the end of it 🙂 looks like you have had a glorious time! tatum xx

  2. Hoping the trip home doesn’t take the lustre off what looks like a stunning time.
    Love the 4yo pout!!

  3. looks like a lovely time. I hope the return trip got some conversation post the 2 hr mark.

  4. It looks like the perfect escape. I hope you survived the trip home x

  5. Just caught up on your week. What a place!!!!

    Hope you’re now home safe. Pop a couple of pills, and have a great sleep! Xx

  6. Lovely place gorgeous photos, wonderful memories! Hope mother nature has not been too rough, here in s ydney it’s been sunny, windy and cold brrr

  7. That’s a wonderful ‘home sweet home’ to come home to! By the way..I so agree..what have four year olds got to be upset about???

  8. I am so jealous, I would love to have somewhere nice like that to go to, even with 7 hours of driving. xxx

  9. OH my I have farm envy and the grass there is so much greener. Ours is a lot more dusty and dry.
    It’s beautiful.

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