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I am ashamed that I did not get our ‘proper’ camera out one time this weekend. After a looong week of a sick toddler and endless washing and starting to feel a little unwell myself, my phone was all I had in me. So apologies. Here’s what we got up to:

After being sick and tired (literally) of Daisy trotting into our bed almost every night last week because our bed “is much more beautiful than hers” we went into Bed Bath & Table and picked up a woollen quilt, a new doona cover and washed those flannelette sheets that we purchased on sale late last winter. The result is a fabulous looking bed, a thick, heavy doona that doesn’t fall off her in the night and 2 nights in a row where she stayed in there. All. Night. Long. Let’s not mention last night shall we? I had too sore throat to sick at the end of a bed in the cold while I waited for her Royal Highness to go back to sleep so she came in with us. And got a bleeding nose. Of course.

I lit the fire Friday afternoon because it was rainy and drizzly and 12 degrees and cold and just like England which was perfect for our English guests who arrived later in the afternoon for the viewing of the wedding and a sleep over. They instantly got out of their cars, settled into cups of tea and then champagne and felt right at home. Literally.

They gave us various presents for having them all including a solar paneled Queen who waves when in the sunshine. Daisy took her into the Doll House to make her feel comfortable and when I was packing up the toy room later that night I couldn’t resist a snap of her in the house. She looks happy doesn’t she?

And the gifts were presented to us in this little calico bag which had been customised by one of the clever ladies. Although William looks a little like a Beatle. It was very thoughtful and just the best kind of Royal Wedding Memorabilia I could ask for!

I made Roast Beef with potatoes and Red Wine jus (which I forgot to take a snap of because it was served dead bang in the middle of the wedding). You will notice that there were no greens served because I didn’t want to leave the TV to cook up beans. Or peas. So we went without. I know. We did have Eton Mess for dessert though (Delia Smith’s recipe nonetheless) which was delicious.

Yesterday we headed up to Sydney for a family do at my Mum’s cousin’s place. It was great to catch up with extended family we hadn’t seen for a while even though it involved 4 hours in the car with little people which is never much fun. Daisy is fine, but Harper? I spend my entire time half turned around picking stuff off the floor, or rubbing her leg, or playing with her.

She did do this for approx 20 minutes before her sister woke her up. Of course. I love a sleeping babe in a car seat. Or a sleeping babe anywhere really. So peaceful. So quiet. So easy.

When we drove around the airport I had a wave of excitement and wooze when I realised that we are going to Bali NEXT WEEK. WEDNESDAY WEEK. Hooley Dooley! I  have so much to do before then – next weekend we are in Sydney for many nights in a row with various catch up’s and things to go to which will see me leaving here Friday afternoon and not home until Tuesday morning then we head off Wednesday morning! It’s going to busy, busy, busy. Lucky for me I will have 9 days of doing nothing to recover then won’t it?!


  1. It’s good you got your “sick” out of the way BECAUSE Bali is gonna rock! Sending good energy into the world for you in hopes that it all gets done (doesn’t have to be pretty) and you’re off.

    I can’t wait to hear/see Bali with you! ENJOY

  2. You’ve had a pretty hectic time of it with feeling sick, bloody noses and entertaining guests! I hope you have some time to yourself a bit this week and things go well.

  3. Feel better BabyMac, Bali is just around the corner. x

  4. Bring on the nasi goreng and the super sized heinekens. Bali is just around the corner.

    Ps I prefer the lime caprioskas myself 😉

  5. It’s always the way, you nurture, care for and give give give… then YOU end up sick! I’m right there with ya!
    Had some rough old days this past week and they’ve all caught up with me this evening :o(
    I can’t believe your Bali trip is in a week! How quickly that has come around. Promise you’ll take lots of pics of tropical scenes for me?!

  6. I’m going to Bali next week too – see you there!


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