Two’s company

We had a great weekend. An excellent visit from dear family who we have an absolute ball with. A perfect autumn’s day. A gorgeous afternoon at the pub drinking in the late afternoon sunshine. A beautiful dinner of lamb shanks and mash and beans and the most ridiculously delicious lemon meringuey dessert thing. A fire. Wines and laughs and many a chat whilst sitting around it. A cooler grey morning with bacon & eggs and hot coffee and tea and a walk to visit the cows. A sleeping baby (finally!) a wet, rainy afternoon which forced us to watch TV on the couch snuggled under a blanket whilst the fire was on. Top notch. Parfait.

But the very best bit? Seeing Daisy and her cousin Mads spend some time together after many months apart. They picked up where they last left off and I just know that these two ladies will be friends for many years to come.


  1. That is beautiful 🙂

  2. Bliss. Wish I had a country house, if we walked up the middle of our road we’d be squished by a Mac truck *lol*… your road photos are beautiful.

  3. Beautiful Beth! You, Bert and those little ladies are the world’s most incredible hosts.

    Your gorgeous family and your spectacular town rolled out the red carpet and made us all feel SO special. From those gorgeous autumn leaves to that warm community (it seems you are already very best friends with pretty much everyone in town) to that incredible home (and I mean home, not house) to ALL… that… delicious… fresh…. country food! It will take me two weeks to walk off all that tucker!

    As for Maddie and Daisy… I pepper out a tear every time I think of that friendship. Mads is one lucky duck to have a cousin like Daise.

    Batteries officially re-charged. Huge love and eternal thanks for sharing your little slice of Heaven with us for the weekend xxx

  4. Besties. Gorgeous. x

  5. Cousin friendships are the best.

    That first photo looks like a pair of old ducks off to play bingo at the RSL.

  6. Wow, your big girl looks so much like you’d it’s not even funny. xx

  7. They are so in love, you can just feel it looking at those pics. Gorgeousness :o)
    I like the last one in their little pink tights and silver shoes.
    The one where you’ve managed to capture the sun’s rays in the shot is pretty impressive too!

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