Just call me Bev: The Biker that is

Last week I put it out to the universe my plan for the winter footwear and what I was after. You may recall me lamenting My vision is this: one pair of chunky black biker boots for casual attire – leggings/jeans/chunky cable knit jumpers combo for school pick ups and a taste of the city life IN COMBINATION WITH the high top casual flat boot for wearing over tights and skinny jeans and teamed with a polo neck sweater when I want to channel my inner Princess Mary Southern Highlands look.” Ask and ye shall receive! Justine (thank you for your comment!) sent me on my way to the one and only rock and roll type shop in town and there they were! MY BOOTS! My biker boots! And they fit! It was a Cinderella moment {except with a whinging kid strapped in a pram yelling “Jooooooce! Jooooooce!” over and over again instead of Prince Charming}. Anyway, I digress – vintage biker boots puzactly like I was after? CHECK! I babbled a bit on twitter and Facebook about it all checking that I could, indeed, pull it off {apparently I can because some stranger on twitter said so, and apparently that’s all it takes for me to make decisions in life these days} and then double checking that they were not just lesbian chic in bad Windsor Smith boots circa 1992. These matters had to be resolved you can appreciate.

Anyway, the weekend rolled around and on they went. Then I got into the car, drove and got out in public. NO turning back now!

Thought some of you may have been interested to see “the” new biker boots in action. They are a significant boot. Serious. Bigger a boot than I have ever pulled off before. But, I have to say, I am in love with them. Serious love. I love how they make me feel tough when I put them on. I love that Daisy said “Oh Mum they’re beautiful!” when I showed them to her for the first time – she thinks that the biker studs are diamonds. I love the stomp and the heaviness of them. I love that Rob still isn’t quite sure of them. At all. I just plain love them.


  1. Three letters for you Bev… H. O. T. xx

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  3. Love them. Love. them. x

  4. Not only are they gorgeous, but they obviously also imbue you with superhuman strength. Look at you – carrying Harper with ease! Cut to the next shot, Rob struggling to lift her. Super-cool biker boots obviously kick the ass of Haivanas…

    I’m with Daisy – they’re beautiful!

  5. Smokin’ hot, Miss Beth. You rock that look.

  6. Rock Star Mama!

  7. That is one pair of awesome boots!

  8. Sooooo lovin’!! Boot perfection… pjx

  9. I love how your hubs has some thongs on. Such a bloke.

  10. Indeed, serious boots. Biker boots with diamonds – loving Daisy’s take on them too.

  11. Seriously good boots.

  12. OK, I’m going to fess up. When you posted the teaser shot and put Windsor Smith in my head well, I was a bit tight wide slightly open mouthed about them. Thinking yes, they did remind me of my brother circa 1989 in windsor smiths with a grey trench coat aka Dungeons&Dragons uniform.

    BUT – the whole boot? AWESOME. FUCKING AWESOME.

    And is that Rob in thongs? Hilair.

  13. for some reason i was thinking ankle boots, but they are very cool!

  14. See I just look at you in them and think ‘match made in heaven’. You wear them well my friend… almighty well!
    You know your next purchase has to be a motorbike, don’t you?!?

  15. Great boots – I love them!

    I always go for good, funky, chunky boots too and Angus is never sure either. It’s obviously a boy thing!

  16. They are FAB and exactly the pair I had in mind when reading your post. Just happened to find myself in there today with my would be trendoid 10 year old son and found my boot nirvana (the Docs were too big). Vintage, chocolate brown riding boots at about a fifth of the price of the ones around the corner. Happy days.

  17. Smokin!!!!! I want, I want, I want a pair too. I don’t think I could do the knee-high thing, but a pair of calvies would be so very fab. There, I put it out in the universe now… … … x

  18. You are gorgeous. Like, you are a really bloody gorgeous person, inside and out. I’m pretty certain I am in love with you and everything you say.

    I am a boot collector, and those ones are rockin’ the richter scale right about now.

    I love your stance and your cool top and the way you write. Your fringe and your wit and your PUZACTLYS and the B that your mum puts on your pie.

    You sparkle, dude.


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