Simple beauty

There’s something about sharpening pencils that it just so, well, lovely isn’t there? I love the little pile of shavings that curl and drop as they fall down. I love the neat pile of sharpened pencils all lined up and just so ready for use. I love the feeling of accomplishment. I love the little voice next to me that says “thanks Mama”. And in the late afternoon/early evening light last night, I loved the beauty, the prettiness of simplicity of it all.

I hope you can get a little beauty in your day today. I bet you will find it where you were least expecting it.


  1. Argh the simple things that bring us joy. Great photos. Xxx

  2. Ha! me too… but then I just love stationary {full stop}

  3. Gorgeous pix.

    Have a truly wonderful weekend. xx

  4. You are too creative! I do our shavings right over the bin, haha.


  5. I must admit I do appreciate a pretty pile of pencil shavings!

  6. Ah, Beth, you make me laugh. I had the same thought the other day (at the start of sharpening 60 blunt pencils and giving myself a huge blister on my thumb which lasted for weeks) and pondered blogging about it. Now you have. You legend. J x

  7. I must be a super-foreful sharpener (!) ‘cos I always get awful blisters.

    But, I do like a sharpen. I really do. x

  8. Funnily enough I’ve just admitted to myself that I LOVE colouring in. My boys could take it or leave it but me, I love sharpening the pencil then first placing in on the page, moving it back and forth gently and with precision. Who’d have thought?! So, your post is spot on, I found beauty where I least expected it!

  9. Oooo gorgeous pics Lady! I used to love the little fragments of coloured led that would fall away… I would use them for shading using my finger… creative!

  10. yes I feel like a teacher when I sharpen the pencils here and love the shavings!

    have a great weekend

  11. These shavings look like beautiful little flowers. I like the smell of the wood shavings.

  12. lovely x

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