TV awesomeness

So when I have nothing very interesting to say about the now, I may just have something of interest from the then? Maybe? Maybe not.

I have always enjoyed a little blast from the past on this little blog, I love that you can remember something – anything – say a Tia Maria TV ad from the 1980’s and you go ahead and google it, or search on Youtube and bam! There it is! Just as good as you remembered that tune to be.

I have shown over the past year that I loved to play Heart Throb back in the day and don’t get me started on the love for all things Barbie detailed doll by doll. That post still makes me smile. But today, well as I sat around looking for inspiration I spied the kids watching Play School and thought “Of course! TV! My beloved TV!”

I have always loved watching TV. I think we watched a bit when we were kids – I guess that’s what happens when you are one of 4 kids and your Mum needs to get stuff done, like cook dinner and get your husband’s martini prepared before he gets home at 7pm. And you think I’m joking. I have very clear memories of our morning’s before school when I was in Primary School. Eating some Vegemite toast, having a Milo and watching these 2 shows Today’s Special and The Smoggies back to back. I think they were on the ABC from 8 until about 8.25am when we hit the car and went to school. Sometimes that breakfast is the only breakfast that will still do for me.

Afternoons were spent running around but then I have very clear memories of this pearler Small Wonder and many other American sitcoms like it. Let’s not forget those Canadians too. God only knows why, but I still remember the songs that Snake, Joey and his band sang. WHY?!! WHY?! And the fact that James Valentine did an intro saying that show may contain drug themes made it ALL the more interesting did it not? One of may favourite lines “Nobody tells me what to do, no, not ME” still rings true thanks to Pugwall. Hello also to Growing Pains, Family Ties, Who’s the Boss…and of course the last one for the day Secret Valley {God only knows why I could only find the Dutch version of this?!} that you got to watch just before Peter {G’day} Russell {G’day} Clarke {see you later} came on before the news? Or was it the Goodies?

Such good memories for me. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Total TV awesomeness! I had a Secret Valley T-shirt, loved it. And that theme song is still in my head, what, 27 years later! Also on my list would have been Young Talent Time. YTT. I was in the audience twice, highlights of my otherwise very sheltered and country-life youth!! Thanks for a trip down Aussie TV Lane. x

  2. Then there was that weird cartoon version of the wizard of oz which we watched before school. Oh the memories….

  3. Oh my. That took me back (and now I’ve got that Peter Russell Clarke stuck in my head). Thanks a lot!!!

  4. I’m sure Pugwall was cool. Wasn’t it? How baaaaaad an actress was his girlfriend (Jenny?). She really needed to go to acting school.

  5. My very poor memory was so glad when I discovered the internet circa 1994. x

  6. PS – I didn’t need the internet for that Peter Russell Clark song. That has always been with me, always. x

  7. ‘Everybody wants something, they’ll never give up!’ I love Degrassi,eh?
    When I first started in journalism I was James Valentine’s researcher and I have to admit I was a bit starstruck. He was the guy from the Afternoon Show after all.

    So many memories….. I just sent you a hilarious Peter Russell-Clarke blooper reel. Certainly wouldn’t have made telly in the 80s!

  8. Pugwall was the best! His sister Marmaloid, was my favourite character by far. The song they did about her is still etched in my memory…. Shudders…

  9. Simon Townsend’s Wonder World, Hey Hey it’s Saturday (when it was on in the mornings and not total crap) Skippy (c’mon Skip) and the goodies……….. ahhhhh

  10. I’d like to add Gilligan’s Island and Happy Days to that list. Oh and one that epitomises awesomeness, Just The Ten of Us. TV magic!

  11. I loved the goodies and well remember Peter Russel Clarke!! Fab old stuff. New Follower here 🙂 I have a Movie Ticket Giveaway over on my blog now If you’re interested. Caz

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