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:Yesterday I was like a woman possessed. Kids cupboard full of toys that has been pissing me off for months? Cleaned and organised! Star Jasmines on the side verandah that were threatening to take over the entire space? Cut back to within an inch of their lives! Christmas decorations? Down, organised and put away! Empty cupboards & fridge? Stoked full of good, healthy food! washing pile from holidays staring at me silently from my bedroom floor? Washed, folded and put away! Doctors appointment needing to be made? Ah, see you later this afternoon at 2.30pm! I owned the 6th January 2011. Owned it. And it felt so good.

: When I was on my hands and knees cleaning up after the girl’s dinner last night I got the fright of my life when there was a woman standing on our front verandah – I think she got a fright too as she didn’t see my under the table. Anyway, she stopped to ask if she could take a picture of the front of our house because it was so beautiful. And picture perfect. And she is renovating her house in Sydney and wants to do something like this. So I let her. Of course – I am a nice person and apparently welcome stalkers into our home. No – I was just reminded how special this place is, and how lucky we are to live here. Perhaps she was a blog stalker…actually, if this is my last post tell the police she was a woman who lived in Pennant Hills in Sydney with shortish brown hair – around 45. Said she was holidaying in Jamberoo…

: We made it home from the farm. All 7 hours of it. Except it was more like 6.5 hours. Daisy was fine – she is now worries but yet Harper is still at that age that requires all the strength you have as a parent. I spent the entire 6.5 hours turned around from my seat picking shit up off the floor that she dropped every 34 seconds, rubbing her leg so she went to sleep, playing peek-a-boo and then picking up some more stuff. I threw every trick I had at her including my toothbrush which ended up being the main attraction and her little pal for the trip. She even fell asleep with it in her chubby little hand. And when she was quiet for 56 seconds and I turned back around I saw she had discovered the toothpaste. Somehow. It was exhausting. I know that there will be a time not too far from now where they both hop in the car and watch DVD’s and not talk to me, but it seems a loooooooong way from now.

: I received a weather station as my KK Christmas present from my family and I am quite obsessed with it. It has inside/outside temps, relative humidity, moon phase etc. This will bring me endless amounts of joy throughout the year. Thank you so much!

: I am in the throws of moving Daisy from pull ups at night. I know, a little late you may say, or not, she has been toilet trained for well over a year (maybe longer) but the nights have never really worked out. It was mostly due to me – in our old place our bedroom was upstairs and hers at the front of the house a long way from the bathroom at the back. And then we were going to do it when we moved here, but life got in the way and the truth be told we were all getting such a good nights sleep that I didn’t want to ruin it by starting (I am ashamed of that I know). But after the week with her cousins she was determined to be a ‘big girl’. So I went with it – holidays were a great time – and she is mostly nailing it. We have had a few accidents so I have embarked on the lasagne bed layering with many sheets and towels in between so if we do have one I can rip it off and she can hope back in. Aside from the whole not too much to drink before bed and having a good sense of humour about it all, do you have any advice?


  1. sheet,…gladwrap or plastic garbage bag cut in half,..then another sheet! the garbage bag does the trick! xx

  2. hi, i had a day like that the other day getting heaps done, I think its the whole new year new tidy home thing happening after the mess and chaos of december!
    Re the night training we’ve got one of these and its been really good…
    it just goes over the top of the fitted sheet and you can just whip it off in the night, really easy and no leaks into bedding! also good when our 3 year old stays at other people’s houses!

  3. I hope the lady from Pennant Hills didn’t get you in the end. I would miss your great posts like this one. Such a catch up.

    Sooooo impressed with your 6 Jan efforts. I need a day like that desperately.

    Night-time toilet training… I use those “umbrella sheets” which have just been such a great investment. I have two – one on the bed and one to put on when the other one gets whipped off. Keep a dry top sheet handy too as invariably it gets wet as well and then you have a freshie to whip straight over them after changing the umbrella sheet.

    My oldest still in night pull ups even though he has been toilet trained for about four years now… don’t freak. It happens sometimes. x

  4. PS – Sorry, they are called Brolly Sheets just as Megan mentioned… Umbrella Sheets, sheesh. x

  5. 6th of Jan was your day! I always wish I could encapsulate that energy and productivity level on a daily (okay weekly will do) basis. What a lovely compliment to have a stalker. Even this post got me pepped up such was the positive energy flowing through your written word. x

  6. I like the plastic bag idea. Haven’t tried that one, but I have four children still in nappies at night. Complete disaster at toilet training! A great post. I so wish that I had owned Jan 6 the way you did. One of these days will be mine 🙂

  7. My week has been like your 6 Jan and loving the progress being made! My eldest was sry day and night at 2 years, one month. My number two was a night wetter until aged 6. I learnt not to worry and although she hated them, snuck a pull up on her while she slept for a couple of years (she was never dry). When it started being dry on some occasions, we went with the plastic on the bed. Draining the wash sheets every day!

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