A little potty

It would appear that another WRR {weekend refund required} is er, required. Our first one without any visitors was meant to be just us. Relaxing. A wee trip to Sydney for a friend’s birthday and a little visit to a Grandma too. Instead Saturday I woke in a cloud of grump which lasted for most of the weekend.

If I were to be a colour it would have been black. If I were a drink it would have been a dark and stormy. If I were a mood, it would have been grumpy. You get the picture. I was a tired, hormonal wreck that should have just taken some Valium and taken myself to bed.

Le sigh don’t you hate when that happens? When you have built it up buttercup to be something and the second it goes off plan you get cranky, then you get cranky that you are cranky and are ruining the weekend {even though the weekend has only just begun} and it just spirals out of control ending in tears for everyone? That was a wee taste of our Saturday. Let’s just move on shall we? Yes. Let’s.

Yesterday was better. The sun was shining in the sky and in my heart. I did the weekly shopping and went to the nursery all before 10am. I was high fiving myself for getting shit done. I fertilised plants {my lemon tree is looking very worse for wear in the move} and I finally got some potted colour to place around the place. I weeded, Rob mowed and the garden looks AWESOME. Honestly, I think we are doing pretty good considering we had a 2m by 3m courtyard up until now. We had a visit from a Grandma, lunch in the pub and the kids were in bed nice and early. It was a good day. A much better day.

Seriously, how good does Rob’s grass look?

This morning it is very wet and much cooler. Matching our moods again I think. Poor Rob got up and headed up to the big smoke, the girls were a little cranky, I am tired. Rinse and repeat. I think the fact that we have finally stopped – for the first time in many, many weeks – we have all had the mammoth changes we have made catch up with us. I said to my Mum this morning on the phone that we have had such a big change – and been so busy – it’s no wonder the cranky pants seem to be on all of us at some stage during the day.

Anyway. That’s were we are at. We are having a quiet home day. Lots of TV. Maybe even jammies all day! I plan on spending time escaping on my laptop and hoping that the girls entertain themselves. Maybe bake some cookies? Who knows. Hope you have a good one. A cooler one.

May I also just publicly apologise to my long suffering husband for my revolting mood? Thanks, I will. Rob. I was rude, tired, generally disgusting and I ruined one of your precious days off with my selfishness. I have nothing to be cranky about. NOTHING. I am sorry. And boy am I lucky to be married to someone so kind. And patient. And loving. I love you. So much. The end.


  1. You poor thing! It’s absolutely normal that you’re feeling this way Beth. You’ve had a massive change and now it’s starting to catch up as you all get used to a new kind of normal. It will get better, and easier as it all sinks in. No matter how beautiful and wanted it is, change is always hard.
    You’re doing this all a few steps ahead of me. We will move house in 2 weeks. We’re not making a country move like you, but we will be heading out further and into a much roomier home. You’ve been an inspiration and encouragement to me as I see how wonderfully (and quickly!) you’ve transformed your new house into a home. Thank you! 🙂 Enjoy a day in your jarmies, eat lots of honey on toast and enjoy that lovely new garden of yours. xoxo

  2. Sometimes when we’re up on teeteringly high heights, rushing around, being fabulous, moving to the country, entertaining guests in our glorious new home… we have to crash somewhat dramatically, just before returning to a more normal lofty height. xx

  3. Ah, Beth. A heartfelt post. I love your apology to your husband. We’ve all been there. Not many have the grace, though, to admit it, let alone publicly like this!

    I really think you’ve been on an adrenalin-charged rollercoaster for the last little while. I think your brain’s probably been in overdrive, organising, sorting, cleaning, moving, worrying, hosting, mothering, cooking, washing, fitting in, meeting, greeting and so on.

    Now it’s time to stop juggling, put your balls down and maybe even sit on your hands for a few days! I hope your day improves, sweetie. J x

  4. Rob can handle a black mood – he has his lovely grass to lie on and avoid his grumpy wife.

    Black moods are so annoying. You go to bed happy, you wake up screeching like a Banshee. I don’t know what that’s all about but I do know that we are fortunate that it’s just fleeting. For some, the grump stays around for ages and really wrecks their lives.

    Happy gardening, Beth! x

  5. I so know what you mean. Sadly I do this to myself too often. I hope the rest of the week is happy and you can forgive yourself 🙂 The grass does indeed look fab!

  6. Don’t give yourself a hard time. We have all been there and and your husband sounds lovely and caring … as I am sure you are to him (well except for those couple of days)
    Here’s hoping everything is lovely from here on in.
    Oh and yes the grass looks fantastic and I love your chairs too.

  7. What an honest account of feeling not so happy. It’s good to hear about the bad, not just good; we all experience both, and sometimes we’re just not in the form for anything or anyone. Perhaps it was your body and mind saying I need time out. Being a parent doesn’t allow for that, and it’s ‘get on with it’ regardless.
    Your Sunday sounded perfect. That qualifies as a day well spent around here. x

  8. could have been so much worse, I had THE hangover from HELL yesterday!!! Why do I do it to myself! lol

  9. I really understand where you are at….we did the treechange thing and moved to Leura, complete with a newborn after having spent many, many happy years in the inner west. Our move was prompted by wanting to start a family and of course house prices!!! We love it…but two years down the track, I do miss parts of the city and our life there. Bottom line I think when you make HUGE life change, you run with it for a while and then start to feel exhausted. Especially with little ones. It does get easier….and still hard sometimes, ‘this too will pass’. Be kind to yourself…x

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