Early birds

Morning 2 of daylight savings and we are back to the early rising. As in before 6am. Not cool. I can’t complain as the girls were in bed early last night so were asleep for long enough, but the pre 6am start {which is a pre 5am wake up a few days OK} is not fun. At least yesterday they slept in until 7am for one of the only times in their lives. Oh all of you that have children who sleep in, consider yourselves lucky.

It seems we are cursed blessed with early risers.

So we have officially been homeless for one week now and while it has been fun to be staying with grandparents who have looked after all of us for so well, it’s going to be really nice to be sleeping in our own bed again. 3 more sleeps. 3 more sleeps. It is so strange to think that at the end of the week we will be home. A new home. New everythings. Suddenly we are so close, and yet still so far away. And I have to admit although I am excited, I am feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. Or underwhelmed? Something whelmed.

Anyway. Enough of that. There is breakfast to be had, washing to be done {not sure how to get it dry in all this dreary weather} and dreaming to do. Hope your Tuesday is a good one.


  1. I feel your daylight savings pain (minus the kids which I know makes it easier). I’m really relating to your story at the moment. We’re moving later this year and are not yet sure if we’ll too be *homeless* for a time. You’re nearly there… 2 more sleeps! That is VERY exciting! 🙂
    All the best

  2. Oh you know I feel your early rising pain. I don’t think I know how to sleep in anymore.

    Yay! Next weekend you’ll be in your new home!

  3. Stupid daylight savings!!

    We put ‘Operation Bye Bye Dummy’ into effect last night and it was a mild success. Abi only woke 2 times crying for it. At 6am, she was hysterical for it but fell asleep in a few minutes. I woke up so startled that I hit myself in the face and gave myself a nose bleed!

    “It’s the final countdown, der nah nah nahhhh…..”

  4. My 8yo & 3yo are the early risers. But they are getting to bed late during school holidays, so not up until after 7am at the moment (bless). The 6yo is usually last up. I wish they ALL slept like he did!

    Not long until you’re in your new home…EXCITING!

  5. Daylight savings is playing havoc at our place too. We always camp the weekend of the changeover (both ends) and that usually fixes all the problems for the kids, but not this time. All up until late. All up early in the morning too. *sigh* I just want a bit of sleep…

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