A Birthday party

Wow. What a weekend! packed FULL of visitors and celebrations and meet ups and catch ups {and me getting sick}. I would never say I am happy to see a Monday, but I must say I am happy to see a quiet Monday, with just the 3 of us at home, cleaning up, trying to get some washing done {go away rain} and just watching some TV.

Saturday we hosted a little Birthday soiree for Rob’s Dad who came down from the farm along with Rob’s Brother and his family. It was a great day – the sun shone for quite some time, the kids played in the garden and we had a great lunch. The John Deere Ride on mower was quite the hit too {more of an ode & or gesture rather than an exact replica!} It was a lovely afternoon – the first of many we hope down here!

We have another party later in the week…Miss Harper will be 1 in a few days time! Still NO idea on the cake {any suggestions send them my way} or what we will do, but so looking forward to seeing her have her own special day. Daisy? Not so much. She opened a few presents over the weekend from visitors and let’s just say I think Daisy will NOT like the attention on anyone other than herself. Anyway, best get through that pile of washing, or floor that desperately needs washing…


  1. Love the pictures, everyone seems so relaxed and enjoying themselves.

    Love your back yard as well it looks bigger then normal back yards you see these days.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  2. Looks like a lovely get-together. Your backyard is so pretty with the bunting up!

  3. Love the cake! Excellent job.

  4. That is such a COOL birthday cake!

  5. Well firstly I’ll say – I would love your house!!! Your weekend sounded great 🙂 LOVE the bunting and the cake looked great. Family shots are great, the mango one with the 3 is so cute – the baby’s face!!

  6. What’s this – TWO birthday’s missed!! Never again.

    Everything looks fab, Beth. Happy birthdays little Reginald. x

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