So long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen. Goodbye.

This morning my gals and I will have our last breakfast together in our kitchen. Our last morning nap. Our last walk through the front door and down those steps. The last getting into the car on the street outside the house. The last trip together to the end of the street, to stop at the lights and leave our street behind.

Oh. Oh. I feel so many things this morning. I feel nostalgia pulsing through my very veins today. Tears on the brim, ready to spill down my cheeks. A heavy heart. And a choked up throat. My girls are about to leave the world that they know behind them and while I know that the new one we are about to enter will be a better life, a more fulfilled life, a more exciting, more beautiful, cleaner, shinier life, I want to think about that life tomorrow. Today I want to think about this one. And all it has given us. I want to remember…

: Celebrating our first Christmas together as a family, the fresh smell of pine as I dragged the tree through the house.
: Seeing Daisy walk for the first time down the hallway and around the corner into the lounge room with the biggest smile in the world in her ladybird all in one pyjamas.
: Sitting in front of the fire on a cold winters night and convincing Rob that a trip to Paris was THE best decision we could make
: Dinners and drinks outside in our little courtyard nattering with friends. And family.
: Sitting in the bathroom on Daisy’s second birthday looking at a pregnancy test that told me we were going to have another baby and soaking up those first few seconds of pure amazement and joy by myself
: A certain first proper cuddle between new sisters on our couch

And there are a million more. So. Thank you Church Street. For all you have given us. And while my girls will probably never remember any of their time here, please know that I am going to miss you. My first little house.


  1. I’m teary too reading your good-byes.

    🙂 Adventures to come!

  2. Sadness. I still miss our first ‘family’ home together after 3 years, even though our new one is so much better. They are all lovely memories that will always be yours.

    You’ll be surprised what the girls remember of their ‘old life’. I am constantly amazed at how much the tsunamis seem to know about the inner west of Sydney!!

    Enjoy your last ever day, with both sadness and happiness. x

  3. Awe bless. But oh the adventures to come…

  4. Awwww….best of luck to you all in your new home….and at least you take all these memories with you no matter where you are!

  5. oh what a nice goodbye….

    sounds like some lovely memories were made here for you, her’s to many more in your new home!


  6. HERE’S to many more, I should say!

  7. Awww…I just know that when we eventually move from the house we’re in, it will be a mixture of excitement and sadness too, because there are so many memories.

    Like Maxabella said, they are memories you’ll always have.

  8. Oh no! That crept up mighty quick. I know the feeling. I remember when I moved from my home that I grew up in and my mum gave me a camera to take photos of stuff I didn’t want to forget {read; skirting boards (?), the oven (?), lights (?), the roof (?) etc} Humph… I miss that house. x

  9. OH! What beautiful memories. Houses that have been real homes are a treasure. You will never forget. Bit misty-eyed here for you.

  10. What a lovely post. Soak it up today and think about tomorrow, well, tomorrow.

    And off topic, just take a look at all those followers! You are a SERIOUS blogger! Have you been handing out business cards or something??

  11. I still fondly remember my life at Wallace Street Willoughby which we bought when Chris was one. Four years making a comfy little home with no money. Rob was born there and it was his home ’til he was 2 and a half. On to the next adventure for all of you now!! Good times ahead xx

  12. I understand your need to mourn the moving on before getting excited about the next phase in your life. Its a huge change, for you all and although your girls might not remember their first home, they will remember the memories if that makes sense.

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