Me? Oh wife of the year THAT’S who.

Tomorrow is Fathers Day. I have been thinking about just what I could do for Rob for his special day, and ways to make up for the mess that was last year’s Fathers Day. Urgh, I still get shivers thinking about ‘that’ day, ‘that’ tantrum, ‘that’ miserable place we were in this time last year.

Anyway, where was I? Fathers Day, that’s where. So…I got thinking about what I could do for Rob. Got to thinking about just what I want on these silly days of celebration for parents and pondered that I just can’t understand why it is assumed that on a ‘special’ parenting day that you would want to share it with kids?! Kidding. Well kind of. And given that we have had a crazy 4 weeks with the house sale I figured we could do with a little something special…
So. I arranged a little surprise for my husband. Right now Rob and I are {hopefully} drinking a bottle of champagne from the balcony of our 5 star hotel suite overlooking the harbour. Then I might have a soak in the very large bath and tonight? Perhaps some dinner, perhaps some room service. And then? Well we get to sleep in a king size bed with NO chance of being woken by small people. All night long. And then a sleep in. A SLEEP IN! TOGETHER!
What would every Father really want on Father’s Day morning? A sleep in. No kids. And maybe some action from his wife. Right? RIGHT!
Happy F***ing Fathers Day indeed


  1. nice! I just read the link for last years fathers day and I feel like I am you from last year. We have the two year old and I’m super preggers. Should I just write off tomorrow and book next year’s dirty weekend now?
    hope you’re having a lovely time.

  2. Wooo,

    and a great big HOOOOOO! Enjoy x

  3. I’m sure you’re scoring BIG points! Uber jealous of your plans- should do me some of that! Live up that well deserved sleep in 😉

  4. How lovely hun.

    Enjoy every moment of it.

    Happy Father’s Day indeed 😉


  5. Right! The best kind of father’s/mother’s day gift is a break from the kids!

    Don’t kill me, but I awarded you a Sunshine award on my blog today. I know, I know, those weird bloggy awards. But I found myself getting all gushy like I was bestowing Emmys or something… x

  6. Perfect!

    Hope you both enjoy! xx.

  7. Sounds absolutely fantastic!! Hope it was every bit as good as you hoped, I’m sure it was. x

  8. Oh wow. That just sounds incredible, might take a leaf out of your book for next year!

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