Hair envy

No words really needed here. Post bath, freshly washed and dried hair. Long, lovely, (fabulous coloured) dead straight hair.

I have never had long hair. Not ever. Mum always cut my hair short when I was young (I think she couldn’t cope with the fights over brushing and washing it…sound familiar?!) I also have hair that turns into all kinds of crazy birds nests overnight and leaves me with a slightly crazy woman look. The longer the hair, the crazier the birds nest, and hair. Hence the short hair. The short crazy hair. Go figure.
Even after all the arguments Daisy and I have over her hair. The brushing. The washing. The rinsing. The everything to do with her hair fights. The 2 minutes that her hair looked this way, makes it all worth it. And I have to say, I am just a little jealous.


  1. She looks just so lovely. (I too have the crazy bird’s nest hair.) I’ve never understood the appeal of perfectly straight hair though. Personally, I like a bit of kink and wave and movement. Maybe that’s just me!

  2. aww, her hair is just gorgeous! I can’t wait for my 4 year old daughter’s hair to finally grow, it is doing it so slowly.

  3. I wish I had hair exactly like that! x

  4. gorgeous! and look at that colour, stunning.
    I don’t know how my mum put up with my hair – it was down to my butt when I was 5. It’s so high maintenance.

  5. Daisy has the kind of hair that every adult wishes she had, perfect colour and straightness. The kind that could never come from a bottle or straightner!

    Once upon a time I had dead straight hair. In the last year it has turned to a crazy curly mess if I don’t dry and straighten it as soon as I get out of the shower!

  6. gorgeous hair!!!!!!!!!!
    the worst part of my day is brushing miss keira’s hair – she is 4 and cries out you are hurting my feelings, I tell her now I’m hurting her hair to get the knots out not her feelings…and so it goes on!


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