Dish it Up!

Here are the other little plates that I purchased yesterday. Are they not the SWEETEST things ever? The end? I had visions to hang them up on the wall in Harper’s room but as soon as a certain 3 year old caught sight of them, well she has been eating off them. All.

I don’t know if it’s the 70’s style illustrations, or my love for type, but they just make me happy. I think they also remind me of those melamine plates that you drew on that were all the rage to do in the early 80’s? Whatevs. Loving.

And…you can have a look here and buy some too as they have an online store! This will be dangerous when I move out of the hood. They had some fantastic stuff in there…I particularly wanted these little measuring cups and a little rabbit lamp. Yes please!


  1. That pea one is so adorable I would be afraid to have the kids eat off it in case his little head got scratched. Great finds!

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