Average Afternoons

I dread the afternoons. Well the post Playschool 3.30pm afternoons. It’s the lead up to feral time. Daisy (if she hasn’t rested which is ALWAYS the case) goes downhill pretty quickly. Harper, while having just rested, can turn from delightful babe to crazy drunken football babyman in the space of 3 seconds, dinner needs to be thought about/made. It’s very tempting to just keep the TV on. Put a DVD on. Dodge (kid) bullets and tread water. If the weather is good I will always try and get outside for a trip to the park, or a walk, just to take in the last of the day and clear all our minds for the last 3 hours of the day. But really? This time of the day just makes me yearn for days in the office where you duck out for a Mocha and a quick check of smh online.

This is what our Tuesday afternoon looked like. The weather was cold. Rainy. Windy. So we were stuck indoors. TV off. Music on. Turin Brakes – The Optimist (an oldy but a goldy) on the stereo.
Daisy coloured in.

And stopped every 12 seconds to stop and admire her new shoes…

Harper played on the floor and did the splits, and many other crazy yoga positions she is currently working on.
It was nice. And quiet.
For a change.


  1. Oh yes, those afternoons can be awful. Especially if you can’t get out!

    Lil-lil has those exact same shoes! They are almost completely worn through but she still insists on wearing them most days.

  2. Is it wrong to covet Daisy’s shoes? And Harper’s flexibility? Loving the sound of your rainy afternoon – tunes, colouring and cute kids. Bliss.

  3. Such good taste in music Bethos

  4. your candid pictures are so great. Mine never turn out that way…I love your blog. So cute, and takes me back to those baby days…my youngest is in 1st grade this year. I sat on her for a week to see if she could be squished back into kindergarten but it didn’t work.


  5. Cute shoes!

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