Mama minutes

: Yesterday was a work day which meant that I had to bribe Daisy with something to get out the door. A treat, or something (exhibit 345 of Beth’s champagne parenting). I found a packet of chocolate pencils (basically chocolate sticks wrapped in coloured foil in a pencil box) that she thought were quite possibly the best thing. Ever. I was remembering this morning the old packets of chocolate cigarettes you could get when we were kids. Remember them? Classy hey? Nice way to encourage kids to smoke from the age of, say, 3. Nice one. I particularly liked when we were on holidays in the Blue Mountains and you could actually get “smoke” to come out from your mouth – it was actually just the warm breath hitting the cold air that gave the illusion of smoke.

: Harper is clap happy at the moment. You ask her to “clap your hands!” and she will. On demand. And it is a determined clap. A clap with gusto! And as Rob pointed out the most adorable ending where she finishes and then clasps her hands together and rests her chubby little hands against one of her cheeks, like a proud old Grandma. Oh my 8 months old is quite possibility THE most adorable age for babies is it not? She is chubby. And happy. And talking about Rob “Daddddda” and Daisy “Day day” and not so much me…sigh. But. It does wonders for your self esteem to have your every move applauded. Washing up? CLAP! Folding washing? Clap clap CLAP!

: Every morning Daisy calls out to me and I come into her room for a good morning cuddle and chat. It’s quite a lovely way to start the day. We usually chat about what she has dreamt about. each morning will be a different story and you never quite know what she would have dreamt up. Monday morning was “I dreamed I swam with a whale shark. But they don’t eat people. So we swam. But they do eat turtles.” I love the matter of factness. The imagination. The randomness of it.

: The other day we were walking down to the park and I asked Daisy “Oh Daise, what should we do? Where should we go? Should we stay in the city or move?” (clearly inappropriate questions for a 3 year old but I was mainly using her as an excuse to ask the questions out loud to see if that would help me make a decision one way or another) and she said “Hang on Mama. I have an idea. We can get on a plane and go to Paris. For 2 nights.” Not a bad solution?

: Harper had to get her blood taken last week to have a series of things tested because she has been so sick for so long. I was DREADING this as I knew it meant holding her down, against her will, watching her upset while they took vial after vial out of her little arm. Instead? Oh she lay there arm out chatting to the nurses while they took the blood. Wouldn’t have mattered if I was there or not. Not a tear shed. And afterwards? Why a clap of course! Honestly…that gal…


  1. Oh I love those wee snippets.

    I also need some chocolate pencils – they sound damn fine.

    And my own personal cheer squad – applause must seem even sweeter coming for such a beautiful baby.

    Love Daisy’s dreams, what a glorious way to start the day.

    And hey, bribery to get child out the door – that is actually champagne parenting!

  2. Oh, yes cigarettes! I remember they were called Fags when I was very young, then changed to Fads to be more politically correct. Ahhhh politically correct cigarettes for children!!

    Lil-lil had to have a blood test recently and I was dreading it. Instead it was quite possibly the best thing that every happened to her. She recently asked me if she could have a blood test done again. Strange girl, she is obsessed with all things medical and wants to be an ambulance driver when she grows up.

    Harper sounds truly delightful!

    Gorgeous snippets of your life. x

  3. I remember Fags (Fads). We used to get them from the milk bar in Melbourne when we visited our great auntie.

    What beautiful moments with your beautiful girls.

  4. Beautiful. I love all those little tales. I need me some gal time with the chubby one so she can clap at me. Love those girls xx

  5. The clapping! Too cute!

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