Happy 4 years to….BabyMac!

Today marks my 4th(!) year of blogging! I know 4 years – can you believe it?

4 years of writing
619 posts
Endless photos of the kids
Countless entries complaining about everything
Hopefully a few more counting my blessings
Amazing support, connections and real friendships made
On the anniversary every year I have usually shown in pictures the journey that this has been – here is last year’s summary if you are interested. This year though, seems a little different. The blog that this started out as – a pregnancy journal really for my sister living over in London and my other sister living in Melbourne – has become so much more. Reading through all the entries I can see the journey – from young married career woman who became pregnant (with NO clue to what was ahead of me) to struggling through the first months of being a Mama. To the joys and frustrations of juggling work and a baby and then a toddler, and not just any toddler, one who had trouble sleeping. To becoming pregnant again, a Mama again and then work again and then to where I am now. Not to forget all the other bits in between – wife, daughter, sister, friend – all of it – written here, shared. I think it’s an amazing accomplishment.
I know so many of my friends & family read it, enjoy it (I hope) and share with me their thoughts on any given matter. I have become friends and made real connections with people out there on the web who I have met, some yet to meet, and some that I will probably never meet. But, I tell you what – it’s all of those PEOPLE who make me come back each and every day and write some more. To get a giggle out of someone. To get help from someone. To commiserate with someone about just how hard it all is. This, I have to say, is one of the main reasons that I made the decision to move away from ‘real’ friends and family. Because whatever the distance, when I check my laptop of a morning YOU will still all be there. Supporting me. Loving me. Laughing with me. Who knew a little blog could provide all that?
So. Today I say to me – Happy 4 years BabyMac! Well done me! And thank YOU for reading. And commenting. And stopping by – even if it just is to read and then go on your way. Thank you. So much. This blog, you all, mean the world to me. So thank you.
And because I kind of want to say thank you and make it worth your while I have a little giveaway. A wee giveaway. Nothing too fancy. Nothing too big. Just a little thank you. And an appropriate one at that. I am giving away to one of YOU a years subscription to Country Style Magazine because hey….I am a country style kind of gal these days right? While it might not be every ones cup of tea, someone might like it right? Mum, you can enter if you want – I know YOU will like it! All you have to do is leave a comment – say hi, or anything – or leave a comment on the post that feeds through to my wall on Facebook if you read it there – and I will choose a random winner through the very precise Beth Giveaway Winner Selector (aka Daisy pulling a name out of a hat!). Closes Sunday 6pm…winner chosen 6.01pm and notified shortly after. Also, if you are an overseas reader please enter too – I will get it delivered to you OS and you will LOVE to see some of our beautiful country.
So, that’s it from me. For another year. Who knows the adventure that we have ahead of us until next year…hope you will join me for the ride again!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Happy anniversary! Reading your blog each day is part of my ritual, I love hearing what you’re up, your thoughts on things, etc. You’ve made me laugh. Some times I’ve felt as if you’ve crept into my mind and stolen my thoughts.

    I hope you’re popping some bubbly to celebrate. You deserve it and all the good things that are coming your way. x

  2. FOUR YEARS! Wowsa – that’s a lot of blogging, and oh my, what a lot of changes. You sure know how to keep a blog interesting. Can’t wait to keep reading for another four, and another four after that etc. Thanks for sharing so much of your truly beautiful self – my days are infinitely better with a wee bit of you in them x

  3. My daily ritual when I arrive at work.
    1) Turn on my computer
    2) Go to Babymac
    3) Eat my toast as I read through the latest adventures of my dear sister.
    You know how much it upsets me when you haven’t posted anything when I get into work – I think that tells you how much I love your blog. I have shared with my friends all over the place and everyone who reads it gets addicted. You have a fabulous way with words lady – thanks for sharing so much, being so honest and letting us in on a few truths that aren’t always told.

    Happy Birthday Blog – and well done Betty!


  4. What an amazing marathon! Congratulations for never giving up or holding back, particularly when the going gets tough. You know your writing has caused a few anxious moments for those who love you most. That anxiety has only existed because we love you, your hubby and your girls so much. I value my daily ‘fix’ as it keeps me informed, makes me laugh, makes me cry. It makes me feel closer to all of you, especially during the busy times when we can’t see each other so often, even ‘though we are only 10 minutes away. I know it will have the same effect when you are 9 times as far away. Thank you.

  5. Anonymous says

    Thankyou for the journey we take with you each and every day…I must admit it hasn’t always been a smooth ride, but we all admire and love you for your honesty and passion and your ability to challenge yourself.We often laugh, and many times cry with you,but always there remains the one true constant…your discovery of who you are, and in finding that we always find something of ourselves.
    Love you dearly. M. X

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday to YOU, Babymac! Very much looking forward to ‘following’ you on your brand spankin’, new adventures! Hip pip HOORAY! (Pick me, pick me) xxx

  7. Anonymous says

    Congratulations Betty on achieving such a fantastic milestone. This space has really helped you become the person you are today. I love that it is your creative outlet. I can’t wait for the Country updates, I am sure there will be some funny stories to tell. Love always your big sis, Sarah xo PS Can’t sign into Google…

  8. Anonymous says

    Can I swap the subscription of “Country Style” with “Highlife”? I need to know where I can buy some local jodphurs for the pony club.

    Oh, and congratulations. Nice work (see, I do read it)


  9. Happy anniversary BabyMac. I discovered your blog a few months ago and I’ve been reading it ever since (the fact we both knew Lachlan blew me away slightly, life’s funny like that). Keep up the good blogging!

  10. Congrats hun. 4 years!

    Thank you for your honesty and humour.

    Can’t wait to see the next stage in the journey of BabyMac, the big move!


  11. massive congratulations 🙂

    I’ve been reading for a few months now and am enjoying the recent exploration of lifestyle choices very much. close to my current mind-space…

    4 years is a long time, and you’re so diligent about writing honestly, openly and frequently. love it. thx

  12. Happy Anniversary!! I love reading your blog and holding on to a piece of Australia.

  13. There once was a blog called Baby Mac,
    Which I read so much at work -I almost got the sac!
    It was written by the talented Betty,
    Who occasionally got annoyed, hot and sweaty,
    But who always made us smile by getting back on track!!


  14. Wow, I remember posting on your Happy Birthday post last year. I can’t believe that it’s been another year already.

  15. Well done on 4 years. I’ve been reading for ages, love your posts. Thanks for the chance to win and good luck with all your changes coming up

  16. Congrats on your last 4 years!

    And how exciting will the next 4 years be! xxxx.

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