On target

Who knew that a Target catalogue could bring a babe so much joy? You buy all the toys, books etc you can for your baby and what do they play with? Empty Tupperware containers and Ikea bowls. And a little paper.

Lesson #8756 from my kids: it’s the simple things.


  1. My two thought the Toys R Us catalogue that landed in our letterbox a couple of weeks ago was just about the best thing ever!

  2. Abi loves the catalogues too.
    She kept the book one from Kids Central for nearly 1 yr!

    It is the simple things, isn’t it… Abi has some new books I ordered from Amazon and instead, she has been playing with an oversized Dora balloon since Friday night… Gah!

  3. Yep, my 2 were sitting in the loungeroom throwing the latest catalogues again and squealing with delight. Bless. It really is the simple things …

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