Rainy Monday

Round here this morn there is…

Washing drying inside. It’s cold and wet outside and FINALLY feels like autumn is here. I don’t know how but these days all I seem to do is wash. Wash. WASH. It’s ever so boring.

There are indoor games for cousins. Puzzles. Colouring in. Puzzles. Dress ups. Play dough. My 4 yr old niece is over for a sleepover last night and this morning there have been moments of great creative play, life lessons such as “Textas are better than pencils as you don’t have to use as much energy” and that “All people die Daisy. They die, and then they never come back” and interspersed moments of one or the other completely loosing their shit over something.

And a sleeping baby who was exhausted after a busy weekend of friend’s christenings, family do’s, trips to open houses and more TEETHING. I am reeeeeeally hoping these extra teeth show up any day now as I am slightly over all this mis, and no actual teeth.


  1. Oh, I am totally with you on the washing! How DOES it accumulate so? And ditto on the teeth front. My little one has one through and several ready to pop … or so it seems from the whinginess.

  2. Oh teeth – the never-ending grief. Just back from the dentist where a million dollar bill, and words such as Othodontist, mouth guard, moderate to severe overcrowding and other such gems filled this mother’s heart with horror.

    And the washing – guess how much I’m rethinking my “I don’t need a clothes dryer” stance now…

    I do adore those gals dressed in their princess frocks to play – a damned fine idea if ever I’ve seen one! Might slap on a tiara this weekend…

  3. I’m guilty of using the clothes dryer. I know it’s bad. Really bad. But it makes the clothes all fluffy and nice…

    Today is yukky and miserable. Hope the weather clears up!


  4. I was just feeling like a washing queen today myself. My outside line is bursting with fresh washing as we’re having a few sunny days.

    I am very impressed with your indoor hanging. Pegs and all. I just chuck em over and hope for the best 🙂

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