Point & Shoot

Sunday 23 May 2010 10.13pm RPA Paediatric ER Isolation Room

Spent 9 hrs in here. In this position before being admitted to ward. Poor Harper.


  1. Poor bubba, Hope everythings okay..

  2. Oh Beth! Poor little Harper – hope she’s recovering. How awful for you all xxx

  3. Oh how terrible. I hope Harper (and you) are OK. Big Hugs xxx

  4. poor Harper and all of u. will be thinking of you. Hope to hear good news.

  5. Hope little Harper is feeling lots better. Thinking of you all. x

  6. Hope she Harper feels better soon. Hospitals are not the most comfortable places.

  7. Oh no. I hope everything is okay. x

  8. Oh, I hope everything is OK.

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