Light my fire

These cooler nights have me hankering for the open fire. LOVE an open fire. The sound. The smell. The look. LOVE.

What are you going to do this weekend that you love?

I am going to be celebrating Mothers Day on Sunday at my brothers place. LOVE that. There will be amazing (AMAHZING!!!!!!!) food. And wine. The kids will be playing together and having much fun, all afternoon. There will be laughing. And nattering. And sitting around an open fire pit.

To all my mother friends out there – Happy Mothers Day! And to the rest? Hope you get to celebrate with your Mum.


  1. And happy Mother’s Day to you!
    Well, if everyone is healthy, we’ll have breakfast at our house with the extended family. Hopefully I can sneak in a siesta too. I LOVE siestas!

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