I really do. I mean I always get up in the night, in fact, last night I was up for 3 hours dealing with a baby who has the worlds worst nappy rash and who apparently cannot stop pooing which is doing wonders for said nappy rash. But this is not about me (love how I can have a crack at making it always about me though). And that’s all for another time. So where were we?

Oh yes. Today is the 3rd May. Monday the 3rd May. A date that I have thrown around quite a bit these past few months. I am so glad that we are here at last. No more waiting. It actually feels a little bit like the days that we went to hospital to have the girls induced. But with a little less pain hopefully.
Tonight I ROCK starts at 9pm on ABC2. That’s channel 126 for peeps with Foxtel and I am not sure for people with just a set top box. I hope you guys like it. I hope you watch it. I hope someone watches it. I hope you don’t turn it on just to shut me up and go “oh goodness, this is reeeeeally shit”. While it won’t be every ones cup of tea I implore you to give it a crack – and then continue to do so because, as you know, I am in episode 8 (well my voice at least).
Thanks so much to Corrine and PPMJ for the blog love – and to all of you, dear readers, for listening to me go on and on and on and then on about it. You must understand I am a wee bit proud of Rob and Dave and Josh for all they have achieved and tonight – well it all becomes a little real. There has been plenty of good (& bad) press about it – and once and for all we look forward to finally sharing it with all of YOU.
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Ok enough now. There is nothing else to say, or do. Let’s deliver this baby. Enjoy. Can’t wait to see what you all think. And if anyone needs me this afternoon, I will be in the bathroom doing many, many nervous poos.


  1. I’ll be watching {but you already knew that}. Hope you don’t get a nappy rash from your nervous poos. x

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