Can I tell you how happy I am that it’s Friday? That this week is almost over? I am quite keen to send it on it’s way – thankyouverymuchforthememories now piss off – and move onto sunnier weeks.

Although the clouds are still around and set to stick around all weekend I have some sunshine on my kitchen bench care of Daisy and some flowers she picked out especially for me. I have cupboards full of food (I never realised just how much this made me happy), and I have a new slow cooker ready for me to cook, cook, cook and cook in all weekend. I plan on drinking some french champagne just as soon as Rob is well enough to do so, pick up some wood for our open fire in the lounge room, and bunkering down whilst the significant weather event occurs around us. Is it just me and my family or are you strangely excited by some good weather? Not to mention a weather event! Dick Whitaker eat your heart out…I remember the last time we had a SWE (that’s significant weather event for you and me) it was a long weekend in June 07. We were up at my Dad’s place at the beach and we had a black out that lasted the entire weekend. I kept the open fire going as I was breastfeeding Daisy at the time so could add to it in the night, and we sat around the fire by candlelight ALL weekend. I think it was also the weekend that the ship was wrecked at Newcastle. Funny how I remember silly things like weather. As I said, weather nerd.
Hope you stay dry and warm (and healthy) this weekend!


  1. I remember that weekend clearly too. I was hunkered down on the couch under a rug breasfeeding my bub. It was strangely comforting, almost primitive.

    First stop this morning, Aldi, second stop AC’s to buy ingredients and I too will be cook, cook, cooking!

    You’ve also reminded me to stop and pick up some French bubbles for hubby’s birthday tomorrow. Annandale Cellars has a FANTASTIC champagne from a small producer, will remember the name and let you know.

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