Room with a view

See this? That there view down there? It’s from the farm, last Friday, late afternoon about 4.40pm, out the kitchen window. Looking out into the wisteria, over to the croquet lawn that has just been mowed. See that figure on the left? That there is Micky. Rob’s step grandma (I think?!) but all round fabulous woman. 83. Funny, smart and a GREAT cook. See that roof over in the background? That the pavilion down by the pool.

That, right there, all of it makes me happy. Fills my soul with goodness. Lifts my spirits. Makes me calm. Relaxed. Happy.

Do you have one particular view that means something special to you? That you never tire of looking at? I hope you get to look at it at some stage this weekend.

Until I get up there again, I’ll just keep looking at this photo instead.
Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Now THAT is peaceful.

  2. As a kid I spent most of my summers swimming in this pool. I think it has the best view in Sydney.
    We spent most nights during the summer holidays swimming and having a picnic dinner of BBQ chook and tabouli.

    Without question, my favourite view.

  3. That is truly gorgeous! I’d love to have a house on a farm.

    My inlaws have a beach house on the Central Coast about 1.5 hrs north of Sydney. The view from the balcony is sublime. Sandy Dunes, cargo ships on the horizon, the waves breaking, its pretty special.

    Happy weekend to you too,

  4. Beautiful view!

  5. That looks blissful, I want to be there reading the papers (or my umpteen cookbooks I haven’t even looked it yet – eek).

    Have a great weekend yourself xx

  6. that view makes me feel good!!! thank you!!!

  7. I’ve left you a tag over at my blog – check it out!

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