Dressed to impress

Let’s just have a quiet moment and soak up that image. And by all of us, I mean, me. I need it. A deep breath. Some pretty. A reminder of all the good things in life. All the important things. Like love. And not screaming toddlers with the attitude of a 15 year old. And sick, teething babies. Hang on. One moment please. Ahhhh….

OK. I will be back to the wedding beauty in a mere moment.
The weekend. Oh the weekend. It was a mixed bag. Some good. Some not so. Friday night I was all geared up for a night on my own, some good wine, a fresh tuna & olives/lemony pasta and my laptop and instead I got a gastro bug. Urgh. I got plenty of alone time alright – just in the bathroom and then in bed. It was not the night I had planned. And when both kids woke up about an hour after I collapsed into bed and were settled a mere 4 (!) hours later, it was INDEED not the night I had planned. Note to self: do not make plans.
Saturday morning we had dress shopping which was FABULOUS and so. much. fun. We started out at one very snooooooty (yes it required extra o’s in there) shop whereby we had our first taste of bridal couture madness. The shop was crisp with a CAPITAL C. Our water was served in crystal glasses and when we met with designer who was a size 6, nay, size 4, we should have known that we were not her target market. Don’t get me wrong, we are quite fabulous and shouldn’t have been completely out of place, but we do not fit in the size 6 category. Actually who does? So when my little sis attempted to put on some of the frocks (that would clearly not even do up on Victoria Beckham) and they didn’t even bother to help her hold them up, we knew that they were NOT for us. And asking price STARTING at $8500? Um. No thank you. Needless to say, we were both happier the moment we left each others company. But honestly? Why are women so mean to each other sometimes? Aren’t we on the same team? Isn’t it every body’s dream to look and feel special on their wedding day? I put it down to the fact that the designer was clearly in a bad mood because she is so HUNGRY. We then ventured off to a few more places which were much more our scene – actually friendly (!) – and willing to have a laugh with us. I still cannot work out why the samples are made in size 8 to 10? Why not make them in a say, 10, or even crazier a 12 and then let the skinny minnies use clips to hold them into place? We had many, many laughs over the trussed up ham effect at the back of said gowns. And this was on EVERYONE. Even the skinnier size 10 gals had skin oozing from the back. But the front? THE FRONT? Let’s just say that my little sister was born to be a bride. She looked amazing in almost everything she tried on. And when we decided as a joke to add a veil to have a look? OH MY GAH. Glorious! We tried on lots of different styles (many that she said she would never have tried on) and managed to eliminate styles and look for ones that worked. I remember it being the same when I was trying frocks – ones that I NEVER thought I would wear in a million years were the ones that looked the best. Go figure. So we may, or may not, have found one that may or may not be the one. Further due diligence is required, but it was certainly a fun morning, and as I said on facebook, a childhood dream ticked off. No more putting my grandma’s lace curtains over our heads as veils – I saw the real deal. And I liked what I saw.
The rest of the weekend was spent wrangling a sick baby with her first proper cold with green snot and all (thank you daycare). She was a little miserable with the snuffles and sniffles and kept waking in the night. I have had a week now where she is waking at least twice in the night (which is fine) but then taking AGES to resettle and get back to sleep. And then (almost always guaranteed) her sister will tag team her and it can be up to 3 hours before I get back to bed again. The worst part is that a few weeks ago she was nailing it – sleeping through and giving me a taste of the sweet life before it was cruelly taken from me. Hands down one of the worst parts of parenting – the teaser and then back to doing time. I honestly feel like each night is my punishment at the moment – I even said to Rob this morning, it IS like doing time. One day I will get sleep I am sure. Deep breaths. Hang on, just have to look at that picture again.
And Daisy? Well she behaved like a screaming, non sharing, demonic toddler from hell, to a caring, lovable funny sister and daughter the next. And showed me attitude beyond her years. Lines like “if you don’t read me this book, I will get VERY angry” were thrown about to her father and I. Um OK. And this morning we had a screaming match from her that latest for about 25 mins. 25 mins of her SCREAMING “Give it back to me”. Again. Deep breaths. So today we have banned all movies, DVD’s and TV’s for the entire day. I have never done this and I hope I have the strength to follow through. Right now ABC classical FM is pumping out of the stereo and she is colouring. Watch this space.
And if all else fails. I will just quickly pop back here and have a look at this picture. It will be my Monday happy place. Cause all it’s really about is love right? I mean that’s what got me into all this trouble in the first place…


  1. Check out the toddler’s website recommended by Kylie on Facebook. It’s fabulous and may tame Miss Daisy for a while xx

  2. Check out the toddler’s website recommended by Kylie on Facebook. It’s fabulous and may tame Miss Daisy for a while xx

  3. Ahhh girlfriend, you know I’m totally feeling you on the sleep deprivation AND the 2-going-on-20 front!

  4. Oh love… breathe xx

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