Small victories

This week has not been my finest I will admit, but there have been a few moments worth remembering. It has been pretty tough on all of us, so bear with me whilst I boast. If I cannot have the sleep, please allow me the boast.

I find dinner SUCH a pain in the arse to cook. And I love to cook. I love to eat. I love food, all kids of it, as much as I can get, whenever I can get it. I am almost borderline foodie. Borderline though. But the dinner for Daisy? It drives me fucking crazy. It is relentless. Every night there it is. And whilst we have dabbled with all eating at the same time, we somehow got back out of that routine when Harper came around and back into cooking something separately for Daisy who eats at about 5pm. Every night you have to come up with something else that inevitable won’t be eaten, just pushed aside, which does wonders for your self esteem after a looooooong day of tending to her royal Highness’s every desire. Honestly, it is such a slap in the face after a long day that I found myself just giving into what she eats, because at that stage I do NOT have the strength, patience or even desire to start another fight over the fucking peas. Then, before I knew it my child was just eating meat. And fruit and cheese and yoghurt, but mostly meat, or plain pasta or something equally as boring. Then one day when I was meant to be resting and was watching my standard daily fix of the food network I saw this chef with a really annoying voice who kind of sounds like the Bear from the Big Blue House and he was saying that it is your responsibility as a parent to out the food on the plate and eventually it will get eaten. So I made myself sick with guilt for approx 3 hours then when dinner came around I made up a whole selection of oven roasted delights that did not get eaten. Again. Huh. Rob happened to be home and was prepping our dinner at the same time explaining to Daisy what was what and she wanted to try it all. Of course she did. Anything for her father the little minx. And she even was so bold as to throw a “Yum!” in after each mouthful. And the thing was – it was all raw – all of it, even the garlic, but she liked it. So, the next night I thought if it’s good enough for Jennifer Aniston it is good enough for Daise and trotted out raw vegies. Capsicum. Red onion. Celery. Carrot. And you know what? She bloody well ate it! So there we have it, she is again eating vegetables. Granted they are raw, but they are being eaten people. Phew.
Now that was one hell of a lead in to the actual story. I think the coffee is making me a little manic. Yesterday I was at the doctors getting my toe seen to (which is a whole other story but can I say just this – beware the cheap asian pedicure! Beware! I have to have a mini operation on my toe next week to fix it up. Stoopid $25 pedi will be costing me a whole lot more). Anyway. Focus. Doctors surgery. And I had Daisy with me who had been at school all day and because it was a 5pm appointment I had some of her (raw) dinner with me so she could eat while we were there. So there I was, in the surgery waiting, with my 3 year old who was eating CARROTS! And CAPSICUM! Raw! At the DOCTORS! I smugly sat in my chair (with my infested toe stretched out before me) thinking look at my daughter bitches! Eating raw vegies! At the DOCTORS! And the worse part was that the Nanna and the 25 year old guy probably getting his herpes seen to didn’t seem to give a shit. My target market of other mothers with 3 year old kids were NOWHERE to be seen. But! But! The doctor? When it was our turn to go in? He saw it ALL! And he commented! And praised Daisy AND me and I almost skipped out of there (feral toe and all) I was so proud of my efforts. I know. I know. I was that mother. And I hate that mother, but it sure felt good to be her, just for 5 minutes and especially after the week I have had.
Vegies Biarches! And raw too – full of ALL the nutritional goodness! And why yes, yes, they are home made chicken meatballs you see there. SNAP!


  1. Excellent! Congratulations! I bow to the glory that makes you THAT mum with the kid eating vegies………excellent idea….I may just have to copy it!

  2. Nicely done! 🙂 That’s a great effort there. Can you take the show on the road and teach my son?

  3. Brilliant!

  4. Good on you!!!!

    This week we resorted to home made sausage rolls with vegetables hidden in them ~ and they ate them!!!

    Good on us : )

  5. We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!!

  6. Congrats on the veggie eater! Cooking gets rid of lots of nutrients, so raw is awesome. Dinner is also the most difficult meal at our house.

    Ever tried baked sweet potato french fries? Very popular dinner veggie for everyone at our house. Cut into fry strips, lightly coat in oil and bake for 25 minutes (turn over half way). For a real treat melt butter and brown sugar and drizzle just a little bit over it at the end!

  7. well done! you rock!

  8. That is awesome – you totally deserve to boast about it!

  9. That is awesome – you totally deserve to boast about it!

  10. Sorry – stupid Blogger duplicated my comment. Oh well, I guess it boosts your comment count!

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