Peggy and Eggy

Interwebs, Eggy and Peggy.

Peggy and Eggy, interwebs.

Rob and Daisy got this idea from an episode of Play School which they put into practice the weekend before last. These things have been around forever, I even remember doing something similar when I was a kid eighteen billion years ago.
Rob did the facials (actually he did this whole thing) on Eggy and Peggy and it makes me laugh that their growth has been somewhat determined by their demeanour. Eggy – a happy go lucky guy is full to the brim with mustard seeds – hair growing outta control! And Peggy, poor Peggy that somewhat confused and surprised minx has got a whole lot of….nothing. Same seeds, same cotton wool, same water. Just goes to show that having the right attitude really does pay off!
Mustard Seed Men and Women

2 x empty egg shells
Cotton wool buds
Mustard seeds (could use alfalfa or anything really)
2 x toilet rolls

Moisten (oh I apologise for that word eeeeek!) Soak the cotton wool and add into empty egg shell. Add seeds and put shell into top of toilet roll. Draw face (for best results use happy expression) and place in sunny part of house (window sill). Wait, watch and enjoy!


  1. Bless!

  2. This is our project for tomorrow!! My son is totally into eggs right now.

  3. Oh so cute! I love it!!

  4. love it… I think 9 months is too small to start. but they are so cute I’m tempted !

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