Just call me Sandra. Sandra Kelly.

Rob has *just* about finished wrapping up the show. They almost have a set on air date (which I will flog to death once confirmed) and the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. This very, very long tunnel. As in over 3 years ago tunnel. Poor Rob has a bit of post show blues – it has been his number one focus for such a long time and now his baby is cooked/done/ready for the world and I imagine he is a little anxious about the reaction it will get, and I am sure all the little bits and pieces he will see on the finished product that he wished he changed/tweaked/altered. You know? I can’t believe that he worked on the pilot for this just after Daisy was born, and now all this time later it’s finally ready. I have seen a few eps and whilst I am CERTAIN that I am slightly bias – it is funny, smart, edgy, groovy, fabulous sounding, good looking and BRILLIANT. I can’t wait for you all to see it and see/hear what you think.

During the shoot Rob asked me if I wanted to be in it. He and his business partner are in it and of course the other writer is the star of the show and there are lots of friends in it (cheap labour). But, being 8 months pregnant and a little, shall we say, frazzled, meant that I was not looking my *cough* best. I have waited all my life for my 5 mins of TV fame and it was not going to happen when I looked like a slightly overworked whale with toilet brush hair. Uh uh, no way Jose. But…when he asked me just last week if I would like my voice (as they call it in the industry ADR for additional dialogue recording) to be on the show, well what could I say? YES, YES PLEASE! I mean, my voice truly is my instrument. It’s where all my magic happens. Well not all, but most of my best work. So, whilst I imagined myself like the man from The Wonder Years doing a large voice over for the last ep (the finale some may call it) when it came to the crunch it was a little (literally) shorter.
Like most glamorous TV stars, I made my way into the ABC studios in Ultimo by bus, with my 4 month old in tow in the stroller. It’s all the rage didn’t you know? I soon became slightly excited by the oversized Jemina and Little Ted from Playschool in the Foyer and almost peaked when I got to wear my visitors pass around my neck! We headed up to one of the sound booths and my dreams of being a singer were realised, if only for 4 minutes. I wore headphones! And talked into a proper microphone thingy! And listened to the director (sure that was Rob) and recordists directions! The recordist even did a thumbs up when I was ready to start! Just like in the movies! Through the glass and everything! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!
Then….THEN….we got to go into the edit suite and listen to it go over the images. Sure it is a background sound that NO ONE will even hear because the actors (who everyone will be listening to) are also talking but DETAILS DETAILS. My voice, nay my instrument, will feature for approx 1 minute in the background of the final episode. Never fear I shall forewarn you in plenty of time to the actual on air date, and I will not give away any details, but let me say this. My name is Sandra Kelly. Yes, I have a name even.
Thank you Rob, you made my Wednesday. I knew sleeping with the director would get me somewhere…some day…


  1. You are a knock off. A funny one at that

  2. Brilliant!

  3. How exciting! Can’t wait to hear how this all goes, and of course, to “hear” the final episode!!

    Good luck!!

  4. Can’t wait to hear it! And to watch the show.

  5. How cool – can’t wait to hear more about the show!

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