Hold the Phone

I was just on the phone trying to book in a treatment at a day spa that I was given before I went on maternity leave before it expires in a few weeks time (I know talk about leaving it to the last minute) when Harper started whinging, loudly at me. I couldn’t really hear what the woman was saying to me about volcanic rock treatments so I picked up the TV remote, pointed it at Harper and pressed the volume button down. And I wasn’t even trying to be funny, it just automatically happened.

And you think I make this stuff up. If only.
Coffee anyone?!


  1. Classic! Many a time I’ve wished for such a contraption! Did you get to book a treatment in?

  2. And I want one with a very effective pause button please! Thanks.

  3. Did it work?

  4. Jacki, you know what? They told me they are almost fully booked in until the end of the month so will call me back. Not sure what that means for my little volcanic treatment and expiry date? Knew I should have gotten onto it sooner.

  5. Love it!

  6. Hilarious!

  7. I have done this too. In the car with the volume button on the steering wheel. It’s just automatic, like you said, I didn’t even think- just a reflex. And I used to be really smart.

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