10 things…

I was given an award from over at Kellyansapansa (thanks!) and while these awards seem to me to be like those chain letters that you have to send to 10 friends or you will die, I am grateful, so I will (at least) let you know 10 things that make me happy. I’m just not going to tag anyone back. Which I am sure you will ALL be grateful for. Well at least I hope so. Just don’t call me blog scrooge okay?

So. Because I know you are desperate to know. 10 things that make me happy. In no order. And a fairly superficial list. Like you know that my kids and husband and family and friends and good health and all that make me happy, but here is a list of silly stuff that makes me happy.
  • Sleeping children in bed by 6.30pm.
  • French champagne.
  • Using my passport.
  • Driving in the car with the windows down listening to this song REALLY loudly.
  • Eating pig. Pork, bacon, ham, prosciutto – is there anything the pig cannot deliver?
  • Hearing my red kettle whistle on the stove top when she is a boilin’.
  • Dill. Specifically dill in my risoni salad.
  • Sweeping. Paths, my courtyard. Whatever I can get my straw broom onto!
  • Clean sheet day.
  • Tweeting a message that is PUZACTLY 140 characters. I think it’s called a twish. Or Twosh. Or something. In any case I think it makes me a twat.

So there you have it. Feel like you know me a little better? And thanks again for the award…I do appreciate it, and the traffic, even if I do seem a like an ungrateful teenager.


  1. Haha – that’s the last time I’m giving YOU an award! But seriously, great list :o)

  2. Ha ha! I’m totally with you on the kids sleeping, French bubbles and the magical pig ones!

  3. Ahhhh pig… and when pig is combined with French Bubbles, well, bliss can only ensue…

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