6 weeks

HURRAH! We made it to 6 weeks! That magical 6 week mark where everything just falls into place and feels better. I remember with Daisy that I was hanging for that date to come around because everyone kept telling me that things would be better by then – the feeding, the sleeping (my) anxiety, the lot. And it was.

This time around I haven’t felt it as much. I guess I have been much more relaxed so it hasn’t been as hard and I have been too busy to pay attention to the weeks that have flown by. But it does feel good to be here in any case.

We took Miss Harper Lulu for her 6 week check up with the pediatrician. Given her hairy entry into the world we wanted to be sure that she was all OK. And she is. She passed with flying colours. She has grown a massive 7 cm’s since she was born, and put on 1700grams since we left the hospital (she now weighs 5520grams) and her head circum. is 38cm.

She is no longer a newborn, will soon enough just be a baby and then a toddler – I can feel time slipping away from me – I mean it seems like just yesterday I was writing the same about Daisy. My how she has grown! I feel proud of her and all the growing she has done. And proud of me for getting her there. Here’s to the next 6 little lady!


  1. Oh Beth, she’s just so beautiful. So happy to hear all your delighful news. What a gorgeous, gorgeous family!

  2. Well done Mum! She is just divine xxx

  3. She is beautiful. What a happy looking baby. Enjoy it now, it goes so fast. Just realised mine is 16 weeks!

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