Time warp

Time certainly has been a little warped for me at the moment.

I can’t believe that I finished up work over a month ago now (great that I am taking 6 months off and have already used up 1 – but that’s another story). The days are both fast but weeks are so, so slow. The nights uncomfortable and long, and yesterday when I went to the shopping centre I was completely confused because Christmas decorations were up (isn’t it still October???!). Daisy was beside herself with excitement (she never really quite let go of her love of Christmas from last year) and kept telling anyone who would listen that “Santa is coming soon – look Christmas bells! Bells everywhere!”. I have watched so many Disney DVD’s so many times that I am unsure each day if it’s the first time we have watching Sleeping Beauty, or if it is the 17th? Sometimes I just plain fall asleep on the couch in the middle of a conversation with Daisy, or playing Barbies and am awoken by Daise saying “Wake up Mumma!” and I wonder just how long I have been asleep for. Warped I tell you!

And last Friday when the weather was warm and summer like (unlike the return to winter of the past few days) I took this snap of the minx kicking back at the pool post swim, and all of a sudden I am wondering when she turned 15? Look at her.

And yes, that’s right. I did go to the PUBLIC pool at 40 weeks, in swimmers (someone has to benefit from my wax that was meant for my ob and midwives at delivery 2 weeks ago) and get into both the toddler pool and Olympic pool and kept her entertained for at least 3 hours. Clearly, time is not the only thing that is warped around here.


  1. Hey, where’s the pic of YOU in your 40 weeks swimmers glory huh????

    Can’t believe you’re still here tbh – there we were at 33 weeks worrying you’d go early with no nursery lol!

  2. Wow, time-warp indeedy! Look at that gal, and you, YOU, deserve serious snaps for braving the pool at 40 weeks.

  3. how exciting! ohhh, so close now, goodluck 🙂

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