Little one

Yesterday we got to see that you have little chubby cheeks. Sure, it could be that there isn’t much room in there but still, even the sonographer said that you had chubby cheeks. I love that.

We went to have a scan and check on the size of you – which wasn’t so big after all. Who knows how big you will be, or when you will come, but it was SUCH a treat to be able to see you at all. Your feet. Your legs. Your stomach. Your heart. And of course those chubby little cheeks. You slept through the whole thing.

I wonder if you could have heard your big sister who was there and who repeated everything that the sonographer said, but with her own elaborations added in for good measure.

“There’s the head”
“Oh there’s the teeny tiny little baby head”
“There’s the foot”
“Oh the little, teeny baby foot – look at the foot!”

She held onto my hand so tightly the whole time just because she thought I might be a little scared and kept on telling me “it doesn’t hurt Mum!”. It is hard to believe that she was ever that little blur up on the screen like you are now. She is SO excited to see you. And boss you around I suspect. She is determined that you are a girl and you WILL be her baby sister. If you are a boy, I can only apologise to you now – I am sure you will be called girl for some time, or until she gets used to the idea. I tried to explain to her that if indeed you are a boy that you will be different to her and have a penis (or as Daisy calls them penits) and she was very much certainly NOT interested in that. Apparently only Daddy can have one of those.

You are growing every day and getting bigger and bigger. I know that in the next few weeks that is all you will do – grow and get a little chubbier – probably in those little cheeks. You are a kicker – such a kicker – and you people stare at me (or should I say my stomach) when you roll around. It looks like some sort of animal under a blanket in there and you freak people out (including me!).

We are getting VERY excited about meeting you. We love the surprise that you will be for us – who knows what, or when (I am trying not to focus on the how too much) you will arrive but one thing I know – actually two things: Firstly, you will make our family complete when you get here. And secondly, I CANNOT wait to plant a big smooch on those chubby little cheeks.

Keep growing little one and we WILL see you soon. And you should know that we all can’t wait.


  1. Nothing is cuter than chubby lil cheeks. Oh, apart from Daisy’s comments! Bless!!

  2. A gorgeous post and so lovely to see how the siblings are bonding already 🙂

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