So, this weekend will be THE weekend for sorting stuff out. Rob and I have a plan (!) and by Sunday night I should be able to take some snaps of Daisy in her new room, and a nursery ready and waiting for this little one! I know! A plan!

And now that I have said plan in mind, it is taking everything in me to stop myself from starting. I am an itchin’ to get stuck into cleaning, and throwing stuff out – I can’t wait to fill the car with stuff that we no longer need and give it away to charity shops, or to the tip, or just to whoever passes by our house and wants something! Nothing like a good old purge.

I can’t wait to get into Ikea and get the few things that I need to get – a bookcase, drawers, rugs and all those other ‘bits’ that they have that you never thought you could possibly need, yet find yourself adding into your basket.

And I can’t wait to clean – wash the floorboards, and windows and just clean, clean, clean because I have the space and time to. Rob isn’t working all weekend so will be available to all my crazy cleaning requirements and demands.

And I can’t wait to get out some baby clothes, oh the little suits and singlets and do some washing – in lux soap flakes nonetheless – and start to refocus on the things that are really important….our family (thanks Liss for reminding me of that). Getting ready for this baby. Buying newborn nappies. And cleaning. Did I mention the cleaning? Oh nesting, how I love thee when you kick into gear.

Stay tuned for post with before and after shots and a fabulous toddler room and adorable nursery…


  1. Woo hoo – you go!

  2. Can’t wait to see the photos! Hey, just a silly q – why Lux soap flakes? x

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