Getting on with it

The shine and novelty of these 6 weeks of Rob’s shoot has well and truly worn off. The reality of the day to day that needs to happen, the very groundhogdayness of it, the traffic, the tears from Daisy (and from me) and the energy it takes on me and all of us on a daily basis has hit home. Don’t get me wrong – I am SO proud of Rob and all he is doing, it’s so grown up and so very fabulous – it’s just all the other stuff that needs to happen to make life happen that is getting me a little down. It’s just a case of Mondayitis I know, but it’s the sheer number of further Monday’s and week’s ahead that has me a little, well, overwhelmed this AM.

But I am sucking it up and getting on with it.

We had a GREAT weekend. After the debacles of bleeding noses and vomits on Thursday & Friday last week I was SO happy to see Saturday morning come around. I was even happier that Rob got up with Daisy and let me sleep in…until almost 9am…unheard of for me! The day was beautiful, I had NO washing to do and Rob spent the WHOLE day at home with us. Awesome. We had a late brunch at home, then sat around and read the papers, then went to my brother’s place for the afternoon where Daisy played with her cousins, I sat and chatted and we had a lovely dinner outside around the fire. It was just one of those perfect, unplanned days. Yesterday was more of the same – Rob was in the office for half the day so we had Kate and Mad’s over for a play in the morning then spent the afternoon at home in the garden. I must admit that the Sunday night blues kicked in around 4pm and there were many tears from both Daisy and I that Rob had to deal with (poor bastard).

So here we are at Monday. It’s going to be a busy week. I have no shopping done, and certainly no meals cooked for the week ahead, but we will just get on it, and before I know it, it will be Friday and the weekend. And it’s my birthday weekend so that’s something. I have to get some bloods taken this week for diabetes I think, and of course work and all the bits that go with that.

Here we go…watch me getting on with it!

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