Crossing the Line (and over use of brackets in a post)

Rob starts shooting today! HOORAY and ohmygodhowscaryandexcitingisthis?!!! It has been a hard 4 weeks of pre for him but today they start rolling those cameras and making the magic happen.

I have always been in awe of television. Ever since I was a little girl all I wanted was to be on TV, or something to do with it. I remember when I was little my Mum used to do some catering for Channel 7 and a couple of times being with her and going onto sets (!) like Romper Room and being FASCINATED by it all. I even had a little cameo on a TV commercial when I was 5 or 6. It was for Donny Sutherland (remember that creepy guy? – how funny that he actually has a website now!) for his music show which was called Sounds on Saturday or something equally lame, and I was the cute kid on the ad who got to say “ready please Mr Music” and then he ruffled my hair and smiled, or laughed, then turned to camera with a cheesy grin. Or something.

Anyway, as I was saying before I made it all (funnily enough) about me, magic and TV and ROB.

Yes, so…over the past 4 weeks I have learnt SO many things about making a TV show. I have had a little experience through Rob’s past jobs and his step mum (that still makes me laugh saying that Sue!) in film. When Rob and I first started going out he was a runner on a string of TV shows and films and Sue is a successful line producer and has worked on many, many fabulous films. So I am not totally clueless on it all – I have been to a few wrap parties (boy are they ever fun!) I know that there are units (A & B) and call sheets and stuff (OK I am just above totally clueless).

I have been able to witness (via DVD’s not in person) auditions and actually have my point of view taken into account! I was totally milking that whole process and may or may not have started to believe I was a judge on Idol or SYTYCD and gave feedback to the people like they were there in front of me. Yep, Paula eat your heart out. We have had fun working out different locations that they can use – calling upon friends and family and workplaces for various locations. I have got to listen to the music they have made for the show, and help choose costumes, hear about insurance required etc. There have been sheets – so many sheets of paper – with each day running through what has to be done. Last night Rob bought home the first ever call sheet (which is a sheet used in shooting that outlines each shot being done, who needs to be on set, or location or whatever). I think we will have to frame it. And I have learnt about wardrobe and make up and continuity and crossing the line – which is some one’s job (I think the continuity person) who has to make sure that all the shots are filmed the right way so that when they are edited a conversation between 2 people looks like they are having a discussion face to face and not side my side. Or something like that. As I said, just above clueless. And I still giggle when I see Rob Macdonald, director. Or a Mum’s Spaghetti production. Yesterday they had publicity still shots taken – and the day before that press releases, released!

It’s all SO cool. And still SO magical to me. I still can’t believe that an idea that they had will turn into a show, that Rob and his business partner who used to be runners, now have a runner working for THEM on THEIR show. That they have a crew (and a great one at that who have all worked on great Australian shows like Love my Way) now working with Rob! It’s SO grown up! I am going to do my best to get my lovely self onto screen in some way. Rob has offered me little bits along the way, but I fear that my TV debut would have me not looking my *ahem* best at 7 months pregnant. Imagine if that’s it? My only chance and I look like a whale? No thank you very much. I think it’s going to be a GREAT show. Funny and clever and brilliant. And I’m not just saying that cause I’m sleeping with the director, I think it really will be.

5 weeks of shooting to go – I know that he is going to do such a good job. He will learn so much, and be challenged and creative and brilliant. I am SO proud of him. Amazed by him even. Good luck my love!

I also apologise for over use of these ! It would appear that I am excited! See! I can’t stop!


  1. Very exciting and worth every exclamation mark!!!!!!

  2. Wow that IS exciting!!! I would love to be involved in TV too, one can dream!

    What type of show is it?

  3. Thanks ladies! Oops there I go again! It’s a drama/comedy about a rock band based in Sydney’s inner west – their music, the gigs, the rock lifestyle and a little romance thrown in for good measure. Mostly it’s funny. But then again I am bias.

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