Week One

It’s been a looooooooong week. While the days have flown by in a blur of traffic and pick up’s and drop off’s and doctor’s appointments and work, I can’t quite believe that it is only Friday now. But we survived week one of Rob mostly off parental duties and me on and I mean ON.

Monday I dropped off Daisy then came to work and then picked her up, got home at 6pm, cooked dinner, did bath and wrangled her into bed by 8pm. Rob got home around 8.15 and I think I went to bed at like 9 because I was so exhausted. Dinner consisted of a cheese sandwich. Classy, and nutritious I know.

Tuesday I dropped Daisy off then went to see my Ob where I was promptly turned around as one of her patients was delivering, then got to work then turned around at 5, picked her up and had a repeat performance from 6pm onwards. I did however manage takeaway for dinner and not a cheese sandwich like the night before. Rob was later but my bed time was not.

Wednesday I was in the office at 7am, then left at 3 to pick up Daisy and go and see Ob (again) who almost very had to turn me away again due to another patient delivering, although I begged her and almost took my own blood pressure and had that doppler on my stomach explaining that all was looking great! Then repeat performance again except that the minx managed to get into bed AND asleep before 7.30pm (yay), but she did have bacon and eggs for dinner (not so good). And I did not have dinner. That is, of course if you do not count a creme caramel as dinner. I had that.

And so on and so forth.

This is going to be our new normal. For the next little while anyway. I know that on the weekend I need to be cooking meals and freezing them and getting organised but there just seems to be a hundred million other more important things to do on the weekend like wash and oh yeah, spend time with my daughter and husband (!) and oh yeah, that little old chestnut rest.

Next week will be slightly less crazy, I have Monday off thanks to Bank Holiday (who knew???!) and then on Thursday I have to take an annual leave day because there is no one to look after Daisy for the day, so 2 days will be a breeze! AND today? Well the little lady and myself are heading up the freeway for a good old fashioned road trip up to Rob’s dad’s farm. In the new car. Did I mention the new car? I am SO excited about the open roads, the country air, the spoiling from her grandparents and the rest I will get. AND the 24 hours that we will have with Rob when he flies up Sat morning – how clever of me to plan a trip that was at least 5 hours from his office?

So week one? Done! Now I just have 7 more to go…


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