If I wasn’t sure before this weekend then I am after – sunshine makes everything so much better. Especially winter sunshine, when you can just sit in it, warming your back, not getting too hot, just soaking it into your pores. I love me some winter sun.

Friday we got to spend almost all day in the sun at my sister in laws place. Daisy and I headed up there Friday morning to hang out with the kids who were on school holidays. Daisy played tea parties and barbies with her 3 and a half year old cousin Mia, actually it was babies or something – in any case they were the mothers and the barbies were their children. There was lots of “come here darlings” so I kind of think that was happening?! I love how kids have to boss someone else around at any given chance – just last week Daisy was getting SO cross at Pooh Bear that he got time out in the laundry. Man she is tough!

Oh and we got our NEW car on Friday too. Oh my, I am in lurve. I feel so grown up! Daisy had to get a new car seat for that car as well (as we will have 2 cars while Rob is making his show) and she was loving herself sick in the new seat (with cup holders nonetheless), in the new car. Needless to say we kind of just drove around town on Saturday and Sunday…cause we could…and we looked fabulous!
Rob worked for a little of Saturday, and most of Sunday and this morning I had my first drop off of the minx at daycare at 7.25am (!). I felt like a bit of an arsehole to be honest – it’s so early and it’s going to be a looooong day for her – but I am assuring myself that it won’t be for very long, just 2 months tops and then I will be off work and we can go back to some sort of quieter life (that is until the babe comes along). I managed to get back into the office by 8am though – even though I had to completely cross the city to get here. These days are going to be hectic, but we will get through it.
Oh and just 4 more sleeps till we head up to the farm (Rob’s dad’s place) for the weekend. I am SO excited – Daisy and I are driving up first thing Friday morning – in the new car, did I mention the new car? And Rob is flying up Sat morning for a quick 24 hour trip. We will all head back Sunday sometime so while it will be a very quick trip up there I am already aching for the fresh, country air, the walks, the animals, the happy happy happy Daisy (she loves it there SO much), the fires at night and of course some more of that winter sunshine on my back…


  1. Congratulations on the new car! Hope you had a great weekend 🙂

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