Holiday Nostaglia

Best holiday? Ever? It’s hard to pick one. I am SUCH a fan of a holiday – I love the process of choosing where to go – when all of a sudden anything (Overseas? Why the hell not!) or anywhere (I hear that Libya is nice that time of year) is a possibility and you trawl through the internet searching for places, imagining yourself, cocktail in hand – there, no there, oh wait, THERE! I can waste hours, days, weeks looking for THE place to go. I love getting there, being away from home as I always seem to be so much more relaxed. I don’t need to wash, and clean, and stay tidy and clean – everything that I do at home seems to go on holidays too. Daisy seems to be happier as she has her Mum and Dad every day with her – and we are all just that – happier. I LOVE me a holiday!

I have been so lucky the last few years to have some truly amazing trips away to some beautiful places. Why just last year we went to Lord Howe Island as well as many weekends away up to Rob’s Dad’s farm and long weekends to the country and the beach with friends and to my Dad’s place at the beach. In fact we go away A LOT. But that’s because I love it – the road trip, the time away with friends and family, the adventures, the fresh air – I love it! Rob and I had an amazing time in Thailand for our honeymoon where we ate and drank and slept and ate and drank and read which was fantastic, and then we had a big last hurrah trip to Ireland & the UK and Europe for his 30th just before we started trying for kids.

But the best? Well what can I say? Here, let me show you…(sorry I got a little carried away)

Paris. For 3 weeks. Over Christmas and New Years 2008/09. Time with my Mum & step dad overseas for the first time. My first time in Paris with the man who I love and adore. Time with my sister and her boyfriend who we had not seen for over a year. Time with Daisy, showing her just how amazing and small the world really is (not that she will remember). Time in our amazing apartment eating beautiful food from the markets down the road, let’s not get started on the champagne (!) OH the champagne! SNOW! Did I mention the snow that we got to see falling over that beautiful city? Christmas Day, together. Counting down the new year next to the Arch de Triumph in the freezing cold. These are all memories that I will cherish so dearly until the day I die. And we created them. We decided why not? Instead of worrying about all the why’s – the long distance travelling with a 21 month old, the money, the cost – we did it and I am SO glad that we did. And as I wrote to Daisy on her second birthday “We are lucky to do these things – not everyone gets the chance – but your Dad and I work hard to make them happen because they are important to us. We may not live in the fanciest of houses, or drive big cars, or dress you in fancy clothes, but I promise you this Daisy: that we will always explore the world and have a good time away.” What an easy promise for me to make – something I love to do with people I love? EASY!

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  1. lovely! iv always wanted to go to paris!

    love your little writing to daisy too! beautiful!

  2. ohh, love Paris! great pics, such a romantic feel to it.

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