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Princess, Bruce: Everybody

Everybody: Princess & Bruce

Now that the formalities are over I thought I would share some snaps of the latest members of our family Princess and Bruce. I know, the names, they are terrible BUT they were specifically chosen by Daisy, and they are her fish and as I’ve said before, kids are just plain weird.

Daisy got all her stars and stickers on her latest chart and Rob said she could get some fish. Could be a bad idea as I know they will probably not make it through the week BUT Rob and I did have a fish a few years ago that lived for almost 3 years in this same daggy bowl, with the same daggy stones, so we are running with it. After a slow and flat start (I was SURE they were going to die in the first afternoon) they seem happier, are swimming well and Daisy squeals with delight when she gets to feed them. In any case, it’s about the only pets she will ever have so everyone is a winner!


  1. hi princess and bruce 🙂

  2. Cute fish! My SIL got her almost 3yo daughter a Japanese fighting fish that recently went to fishy heaven (apparently they don’t enjoy cold winter water much), so she’s getting some gold fish instead. I just showed her your pics of Princess and Bruce for inspiration.

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