Indeed it is

This morning, like every Thursday morning we were running around chasing out tails. Daisy woke at 5.15am (waaaaay too early to start the day in my opinion) and after trying to get her back to sleep, sitting with her, telling her stories, I gave up and got up and made some tea, starting my day at 5.45am. It was then showers, hair drying (me mostly), makeup (def just me) and packing bags for the days. We were all out the door at 7.05am – Rob on the way to drop Daisy at my mum’s, me to work…I was exhausted before we had even begun.

We walked outside, Daisy with a ballet skirt on over the top of her pyjamas and fairy wings in place, bags and general stuff everywhere, when Daisy looked up and exclaimed “What a beautiful day! Look at the sky Mummy”. It totally cracked me up. And you know what? She was right. It was a beautiful morning.

I love that girl.


  1. Me too. Bless her. Grandma Katie xx

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