4 years

I have been planning all day to sit down and write about Rob and how we have been married 4 years today. To tell you all just how much I love him. How lucky I am to have found him, and how grateful I am for everything that he does. He truly is an amazing man.

But, instead, I have 5 mins until he picks me up for dinner. I am still at work 10 hours after I arrived this morning. I am tired and looking 5 months pregnant, and certainly a little frazzled. Oh the reality of life – the glamour of it!

So…I will just say this. 4 years ago today I made the best decision I have ever made. I promised to love Rob through the good times and bad. To laugh through the good and comfort through the hard. And they are promises I will stick to all the days that I have. I love this man. I love how he makes me so happy. I love the supporting husband that he is and the wonderful father to Daisy. And I love the fact that we are going out to dinner…alone…and for a few hours we can celebrate just us. Mr and Mrs. Beth and Rob.

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