Life is a beach

I am well and truly feeling like I am in holiday mode….what a dangerous thing…I am completely uninspired to even look for a job. The weather is too good, people are wanting to catch up and it just feels like summer holidays. Like when I had uni holidays. Bliss.

We had a great weekend. Saturday we spent just hanging at home – nothing very exciting – trips to the park and to catch up with Mum as they got back from the UK but it was just a lovely day with the 3 of us hanging together at home and having fun.

Yesterday we went to the beach early in the morning for a quick swim and play in the sand with Daisy which was just plain magnificent. Beautiful weather, happy Daisy and Rob and I got to have a swim at our favourite beach together….Clovelly. Such good memories for us there and so nice that we can start to create some new ones with our little lady. Then we spent a really nice afternoon with Rob’s brother Chris and his wife and their 3 beautiful daughters – swimming and playing and eating dinner and just having a lovely relaxing time.

And today…well today…we had the chance to get down and see my brother and his wife and kids who are on holidays down the south coast for the week. It was just over an hour away and seeing as I had nowhere to go today I pulled Daisy out of daycare and we wagged the day together and it was BRILLIANT! I honestly don’t know how the same day, a Monday, could be so good when on holidays and then SO bad when you are at work. Daisy had SO much fun with her cousins and I had SO much fun catching up with Sam and Jo and seeing the house they were renting that was very nice and feeling like I am on proper holidays. Like the type of loooong holidays that I haven’t had since I was at uni or school. Looong lovely summer holidays. Life is indeed a beach around here these days!


  1. I love that photo of Daise and Mia. The girls look beautiful and so happy!

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